Responsible Person, Gas (Compliance Manager) - HMS Collingwood

£38500 - £41000 per annum
19 Nov 2019
19 Dec 2019
Full Time
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The role

Ensure the requirements of the DIO Gas Safety Case and JSP375 are complied with in all activities undertaken on the establishments within their area of responsibility.

Key accountabilities

Technical Responsibilities

* Accept responsibility for the practical implementation and operation of Gas Safety in area of responsibility.
* Ensure as far as reasonably practical that all persons within the establishment(s) observe the requirements of the Gas Safety Case.
* Support the effective and timely delivery of statutory, mandatory and reactive maintenance and Additional Services.
* Provide professional and technical support, and advice, where required to maintenance teams, DIO and end users.
* Support the Help Desk in responding to requests for professional and technical advice.
* Ensure compliance and adherence with Health and Safety, sustainability and fire procedures.
* Keep and maintain the Gas Safety Management Plan, records and update WorkManager as required.
* Provide support and where directed, manage gas projects providing technical input and producing business cases.
* Maintain training, familiarisation and knowledge across all sites within the Service Delivery Area.
* If appointed within an establishment containing a hazardous area, actively communicate and co-operate with the hazardous area manager.
* Assess the competence of Gas Skilled Persons for appointment and review experience and performance before re-appointment, and at other times as necessary. Ensure skilled persons are aware of any restrictions related to their work. Where necessary, suspend the appointment of Skilled Persons.
* Produce risk Assessments, method statements and where necessary safety programmes and Gas Permits to Work to a high quality.
* Attend and contribute to risk meetings. Review risk registers and follow maintenance and management processes
* Reduce the number of corrective actions (CARs) raised and close existing CARs within agreed timescales.

People Responsibilities

* Liaise with DIO SME, Gas Suppliers, end users and other stakeholders to provide advice and support.
* Liaise closely with the Gas Safety manager, seeking guidance as necessary.
* Liaise closely with the Service Delivery Area Managers and Site Managers for continued compliance throughout the Service Delivery Area.
* Maintain a positive environment in which Skilled Persons and other team members engage and follow in the requirements of the Gas safety Case
* Co-ordinate action with Authorised Persons and Delivery Managers
* Maintain records within personal log book for site attendance and activities undertaken.
* Submit RP certification to GSM for assessment, at required intervals.
* Advise on appropriate training required for skilled persons where shortfalls are identified
* Instruct persons required to operate equipment which is under the control of the Responsible Person Gas
* Notify the Service Delivery Area Managers of any defects on equipment or systems

Commercial Responsibilities

* Contribute to data gathering and forecasting associated with the Forward Additional Services Plan
* Management of all processes to ensure business continuity and risk mitigation.
* Consider and document risks associated with the tasks undertaken and propose ways of mitigating any financial or operational impacts.
Ensure operations are delivered efficiently and economically in order to promote a profitable business for Amey.

Skills & Experience Profile


· Significant practical experience of Safe Systems of Work including:
· Management of the Operational Delivery of JSP375
· Ability to solve problems and make decisions
· Ability to work on own initiative
· Experience of supervising site operations
· Managing staff in the appropriate disciplines
· Planning, directing and controlling activities
· Management of resources to achieve results
· Agreeing scope and priorities of work


· Significant practical management in Safe Systems of Work including:
· Experience of operating in an MOD environment
· Working knowledge of CDM regulations
· Experience of the Asbestos at Work Act, DDA, energy performance, Sustainability etc.
· NEC3 contract requirements

· Familiarity with geography and establishments within area of responsibility

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