Digital Advertising Sales Consultant

The Duff
Work from home (UK)
Negotiable (primarily commission-based)
21 Jul 2020
21 Aug 2020
Part Time
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I’ve built the UK’s #1 resource for women undergoing IVF, and now I need you to help it make money!

When I started IVF 5 years ago, I was shocked by how little information there was online for a UK audience. The articles I found were big on “personal journeys” and old wives’ tales (“make sure you eat pineapple cores while standing on your head”), but light on information that was both medically accurate and accessible for the average person.

I’m a published author and copywriter with obsessive research tendencies, so I started The Duff: a site packed with information that’s practical and entertaining, with all the content approved by fertility specialists.

It’s grown to 31,000 monthly visits and an email list of 3,500 – and, importantly, I get emails every day from people telling me how helpful, reassuring and (my favourite) funny they found it. (One reader said “It has been a breath of fresh air to find someone who has managed to eloquently write out the entire process warts and all, debunk all the gobbledygook and inject some humour into what is essentially a humourless process from start to finish.”)

There’s just one problem… it doesn’t make me any money.


I’m the world’s worst promoter of my own work, and just the thought of making a sales call gets me sweating through my top. I know The Duff has amazing potential for advertising – primarily from fertility clinics – but I also know I’m not the person to turn that potential into reality.

How do I know it has potential?

  • IVF clinics spend vast amounts on advertising – including huge Google Ads budgets – because it’s a highly competitive space where each new customer is worth a lot of money.
  • My audience couldn’t be more of a perfect fit: almost every single reader is a potential customer, and they all trust the recommendations I make.
  • The Duff is already being found for searches like “best IVF clinic”, and I’m sending hundreds of monthly clicks (uncompensated) to the clinics I mention by name and link to. 

I don’t know whether it should be sponsored posts, premium listings, banner adverts, sponsoring my newsletter or something else entirely... but I know it’s possible, and I also know I’m the reason it hasn’t happened yet.


Well, obviously you need to be someone with a background in sales who’s not terrified to pick up the phone. But I also need you to work with me to develop our pitch – and be able to build relationships with clinics to learn what they want and shape our offer.

I don’t need all your time – just some of it. There are only 70-ish private IVF clinics in the UK, so you couldn’t spend all day hammering the phone even if you wanted to. And as long as you’re able to speak to clinics when they’re available, timing doesn’t matter at all.


As I’m not making any money yet, I can only offer you something that’s exclusively (or primarily) commission-based. I can make that commission very generous, though: I want you to do brilliant things for The Duff and be rewarded extremely well for it.

Realistically, you probably won’t be able to make a full-time income: I imagine this will be something you do part-time/on the side.

I can set you up for success by sharing everything I’ve learnt about the sector, the outcomes of the few conversations I’ve had so far, and pointers about who I believe the best prospects are.

To sum up: I’m totally open to your ideas for how this could work. 

(If you want to check out The Duff, visit

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