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Welwyn Garden City
01 Oct 2021
01 Nov 2021
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About Roche UK

We’re here to deliver better outcomes to more patients, faster. That means the world to us. Our achievements help to transform the lives of millions of people. We’ve been supporting patients for over 100 years in the UK, building a reputation that we’re intensely proud of. Through this success, we’ve set an incredibly high standard. Those expectations continue to grow. The environment in which we operate changes at an ever-increasing pace. The industry is never going to stand still. As one united team at Roche UK, we know we need to boldly respond to these changes whilst keeping our customers and our patients at the heart of everything we do. So, we’re shooting for the stars, transforming ourselves into a much more open, dynamic, transparent, inclusive, collaborative and agile business. 

Our Commitments 

“Better outcomes to more patients, faster.” 

● Healthcare partners are ‘wowed’ when they work with us 

● Our innovations are faster and bolder  

● We provide services and products to better serve people 

● Purpose is our primary motivator 

● We spend our time contributing where it adds the most value

… we ensure brilliance across the organisation

… we can feel brave, innovate and take calculated risks within legal and ethical boundaries

...not fearing consequences if things “go wrong”

 … we can bring our authentic selves to work  

… we do not need permission. We take personal accountability and trust each other.

… we can develop our career based on our passion, experience & behaviour and play to our strengths 

… we work within less hierarchy – and with more coaching 

 … everyone can be a leader, regardless of role 

… we aim to spend 20% of our time on personal development 

Our UK operating model is based on the following principles: 

●  Flexible resourcing across fit-for-purpose teams to address specific needs and priorities 

●  Healthcare-driven focus through outcomes  

● Consultation, individual empowerment & accelerated decision-making through decentralisation

●  Customer focus through mutually beneficial partnerships 

●  Collaboration 

●  Transparent portfolio level prioritisation 

Mindset and behaviour is as important to us as experience and capabilities. 

We won’t tell you how to behave with detailed competency frameworks; we ask you to bring your differences so we can celebrate a more diverse and inclusive workforce.  We offer a starting point for you to consider and to reflect on what this might mean for you: we’re building a culture that is centered around growth mindset, prioritisation, ownership and accountability.  We need individuals who are courageously authentic in their thinking and in their actions.  This is what excites us about our future.  We believe that on-going personal transformation is the heart of on-going organisational transformation and that fundamental to this is knowing yourself.  For us, knowing yourself means being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, your passions and fears, your desires and dreams, your thoughts and feelings, your likes and dislikes, your tolerance and limitations. Knowing yourself requires you to: regularly stop, pause and reflect as you change and develop over time, invite and share feedback regularly and know where to focus your development, know when to hold things lightly and what to let go of. Knowing yourself means knowing your purpose and what fulfills you, it enables you to be authentic and truly bring your whole self to work.

  Procurement Partner: Expectations 

Chapters are the "homes" of employees within Roche that represent technical & functional topics/expertise. Chapters are focused on expertise development (capability building) for today and the future, performance evaluation and coaching to enable those capabilities to be drawn upon within the organisation to work on squads, work packages commissioned by squads, foundational work (i.e. work that must be conducted and without doing so it would negatively impact business operations and/or the license to operate), or as points of contacts for customers. Chapters are characterised by minimal hierarchy, with the aim of developing empowered, collaborative and highly capable colleagues. Chapters are grouped into "Clusters" based on common capabilities and/or business synergy potential to facilitate prioritisation and resourcing. This grouping is not fixed, so can flex over time  

 The Procurement Partner is responsible for: 

Aligning their personal purpose to the Organisational North Star to enable them to flourish and shine in their role 

● Utilising their skills and capabilities, and working flexibly as part of empowered, self managed, multi-skilled teams (where appropriate), to ensure Foundational work (where applicable) and Squad-prioritised work is delivered in line with Organisational principles 

● Working collaboratively and sharing expertise across the organisation to remove silos and duplication, ensure efficient use of similar skill-sets, and to ultimately support common pursuit of the North Star 

● Acting as a guardian for high standards of compliance, ethics and safety; putting patients at the centre of all actions by consistent business behaviour that complies with applicable laws, industry codes and Roche’s Code of Conduct. 

● Contributing to resource planning/sharing across Chapters to ensure Chapters are fully resourced to meet evolving priorities of the Organisation and Customers, and any resource constraints are constructively flagged, with a collaborative approach to find solutions (for example, by working outside of their “home” Chapter capabilities to enable greater flexibility and fluidity of Organisational resourcing) 

● Where applicable, ensuring "Foundational work" is completed, with continual review of HOW it's done to drive efficiency and minimise resource required to do it (without compromising on necessary standards) 

● Ensuring ruthless prioritisation to avoid Chapter "work-creep" outside of Foundational work, Squad-prioritised work and Personal Development.  

● Involvement in Squads and Squad work (Affiliate or others) and Global activities, as required  

● Owning their development to ensure they are continually growing skills and capabilities within their Chapter (and where appropriate, in other Chapters) in line with their passion and the needs of the Organisation (present and future) 

● Increasingly demonstrating the VACC (Visionary, Architect, Catalyst, Coach) roles, as they develop their personal skills and capabilities, to positively support colleagues   

  Procurement Partner 

Guides the business as a strategic consultant to drive patient and customer centric outcomes by leveraging market knowledge, subject matter expertise and business insights in the procurement of goods and services and the management of Roche’s 3rd party spend.   

● Seeks and builds opportunities to partner and collaborate with local and global networks of experts. 

● Develops category strategies, identifies opportunities and partners with stakeholders to deliver solutions for the organisation’s current and future needs, and to drive overall category performance. 

● Ensures a robust approach to supplier management; Generates value by developing innovation programs, managing supplier performance and mitigating risks,  and conducting regular business reviews.  

● High quality demonstrable communication and negotiation skills 

● Experience and knowledge of procurement and sourcing processes Individuals should be operating in one or more of the following categories: Supports the business with sourcing activities, maximizing its value and ensuring compliance.  

● Responsible for effective stakeholder management, project management, and advising the business on alternative innovative solutions.  Executes various complex and high value procurement activities for business prompted, and in some cases procurement driven sourcing requests and ensuring compliance. Ensures operational effectiveness and value maximization. May support  the learning and development of other chapter and cluster members. 

● Leads the business towards an optimized purchasing strategy by connecting business needs with most innovative external solutions through deep understanding of the external market. Leadership and influence in global Procurement networks.Actively supports the learning and development of other chapter and cluster members.  

Roche Products is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion or belief, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, disability or age. The statements herein are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by employees, and are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of responsibilities, duties, and skills required of personnel so classified. Furthermore, they do not establish a contract for employment and are subject to change at the discretion of Roche Products Ltd.    

Roche is an equal opportunity employer  

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