Medical Affairs Partner (12m mat cover FTC)

01 Oct 2021
01 Nov 2021
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Imagine working for an organisation that focuses on putting people at the heart of what they do. Where every single person within the organisation is aligned to one main motivating force, that at the centre of everything they do, and their number one priority; are patients. A place that gives every individual the autonomy and empowerment to make a difference, where you are not defined by a job title. Imagine waking up every morning feeling fulfilled, having purpose and meaning in your work.

Imagine you are at Roche.

We are a pioneer in pharmaceuticals, advancing science to help people in the UK live longer and healthier lives. For over 120 years we have created truly differentiated medicines for cancer, the immune system, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and diseases of the central nervous system. 

We work from bench to bedside - researching new medicines, running global clinical trials, and collaborating with the NHS to try to ensure rapid uptake and delivery of our products and services.  Our drive, every day, is to ensure our medicines reach those who need them as soon as possible.

None of this would be possible without our extraordinary employees; our people make our business.  We offer inspirational opportunities for employees that are as unique as they are.  We have created an inclusive, respectful work environment where people can be authentic and truly invested in their work, a place to belong. Our outstanding commitment to workplace engagement has recently been recognised by our inclusion at number ONE on the Sunday Times Top 25 Best Big Companies to Work

We won’t tell you how to behave with detailed competency frameworks; we ask you to bring your differences so we can celebrate a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 

We offer a starting point for you to consider and to reflect on what this might mean for you: we’re building a culture that is centered around growth mindset, prioritisation, ownership and accountability.  We need individuals who are courageously authentic in their thinking and in their actions.  This is what excites us about our future. 

We believe that on-going personal transformation is the heart of on-going organisational transformation and that fundamental to this is knowing yourself. 

For us, knowing yourself means being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, your passions and fears, your desires and dreams, your thoughts and feelings, your likes and dislikes, your tolerance and limitations. Knowing yourself requires you to: regularly stop, pause and reflect as you change and develop over time, invite and share feedback regularly and know where to focus your development, know when to hold things lightly and what to let go of. Knowing yourself means knowing your purpose and what fulfills you, it enables you to be authentic and truly bring your whole self to work.

Medical Affairs Partner: Expectations

Chapters are the "homes" of employees within Roche that represent technical & functional topics/expertise. Chapters are focused on expertise development (capability building) for today and the future, performance evaluation and coaching to enable those capabilities to be drawn upon within the organisation to work on squads, work packages commissioned by squads, foundational work (i.e. work that must be conducted and without doing so it would negatively impact business operations and/or the license to operate), or as points of contacts for customers. Chapters are characterised by minimal hierarchy, with the aim of developing empowered, collaborative and highly capable colleagues. Chapters are grouped into "Clusters" based on common capabilities and/or business synergy potential to facilitate prioritisation and resourcing. This grouping is not fixed, so can flex over time.

The Medical Affairs Partner is responsible for:

Medical Affairs Partner

Responsible for maximising the potential of the pharmaceutical business by ensuring that delivering deep therapy area knowledge, excellence in medical affairs capabilities and meaningful customer engagement medical affairs foundation work and squad prioritised work packages are helping achieve our North Star.

Individuals should be operating in one or more of the following categories:

  • Aligning their personal purpose to the Organisational North Star to enable them to flourish and shine in their role
  • Utilising their skills and capabilities, and working flexibly as part of empowered, self-managed, multi-skilled teams (where appropriate), to ensure Foundational work (where applicable) and Squad-prioritised work is delivered in line with Organisational principles
  • Working collaboratively and sharing expertise across the organisation to remove silos and duplication, ensure efficient use of similar skill-sets, and to ultimately support common pursuit of the North Star
  • Acting as a guardian for high standards of compliance, ethics and safety; putting patients at the centre of all actions by consistent business behaviour that complies with applicable laws, industry codes and Roche’s Code of Conduct.
  • Contributing to resource planning/sharing across Chapters to ensure Chapters are fully resourced to meet evolving priorities of the Organisation and Customers, and any resource constraints are constructively flagged, with a collaborative approach to find solutions (for example, by working outside of their “home” Chapter capabilities to enable greater flexibility and fluidity of Organisational resourcing)
  • Where applicable, ensuring "Foundational work" is completed, with continual review of HOW it's done to drive efficiency and minimise resource required to do it (without compromising on necessary standards)
  • Ensuring ruthless prioritisation to avoid Chapter "work-creep" outside of Foundational work, Squad-prioritised work and Personal Development. 
  • Involvement in Squads and Squad work (Affiliate or others) and Global activities, as required
  • Owning their development to ensure they are continually growing skills and capabilities within their Chapter (and where appropriate, in other Chapters) in line with their passion and the needs of the Organisation (present and future)
  • Increasingly demonstrating the VACC (Visionary, Architect, Catalyst, Coach) roles, as they develop their personal skills and capabilities, to positively support colleagues 
  • Is recognised as an improving expert within the chapter across (a) strategically aligned therapy area(s), key medical affairs capabilities and customer engagement.  Contributes to development of squad/chapter based plans and goals. Has a good level of understanding of leadership competencies and exercises skills at regular opportunities   A good level of knowledge and understanding of the Ophthalmology therapy area is essential for this particular role.
  • Leads chapter and/or squad based work and projects across (a) strategically aligned therapy area(s), key medical affairs capabilities and customer engagement. Capable of solving complex issues that impact the chapter and/or wider business including Squad priorities where excellent medical affairs capabilities are required. Contributes and leads on to development of squad/chapter based strategic plans and goals. Broad and comprehensive expertise of theories, techniques and technologies within the chapter. Actively contributes to the learning & development of other chapter members, through acting as mentor and coach across strategically aligned therapy area(s), key medical affairs capabilities and customer engagement.  

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