Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Partner

Welwyn, Hertfordshire
01 Dec 2021
01 Jan 2022
Full Time
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About Roche UK


We’re here to deliver better outcomes to more patients, faster.  That means the world to us.

Our achievements help to transform the lives of millions of people. We’ve been supporting patients for over 100 years in the UK, building a reputation that we’re intensely proud of. Through this success, we’ve set an incredibly high standard. Those expectations continue to grow. The environment in which we operate changes at an ever-increasing pace. The industry is never going to stand still.

As one united team at Roche UK, we know we need to boldly respond to these changes whilst keeping our customers and our patients at the heart of everything we do.

So, we’re shooting for the stars, transforming ourselves into a much more open, dynamic, transparent, inclusive, collaborative and agile business.

Our Commitments

“Better outcomes to more patients, faster.”

  • Healthcare partners are ‘wowed’ when they work with us
  • Our innovations are faster and bolder
  • We provide services and products to better serve people
  • Purpose is our primary motivator
  • We spend our time contributing where it adds the most value

… we ensure brilliance across the organisation

… we can feel brave, innovate and take calculated risks within legal and ethical boundaries...not fearing consequences if things “go wrong”

… we can bring our authentic selves to work

… We do not need permission. We take personal accountability and trust each other..

… we can develop our career based on our passion, experience & behaviour and play to our strengths

… we work within less hierarchy – and with more coaching

… everyone can be a leader, regardless of role

… we aim to spend 20% of our time on personal development

Our UK operating model is based on the following principles:

  •  Flexible resourcing across fit-for-purpose teams to address specific needs and priorities
  •  Healthcare-driven focus through outcomes
  •  Consultation, individual empowerment & accelerated decision-making through decentralisation
  •  Customer focus through mutually beneficial partnerships
  •  Collaboration
  •  Transparent portfolio level prioritisation


Mindset and behaviour is as important to us as experience and capabilities.

We won’t tell you how to behave with detailed competency frameworks; we ask you to bring your differences so we can celebrate a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

We offer a starting point for you to consider and to reflect on what this might mean for you: we’re building a culture that is centered around growth mindset, prioritisation, ownership and accountability.  We need individuals who are courageously authentic in their thinking and in their actions.  This is what excites us about our future.


We believe that on-going personal transformation is the heart of on-going organisational transformation and that fundamental to this is knowing yourself.

For us, knowing yourself means being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses, your passions and fears, your desires and dreams, your thoughts and feelings, your likes and dislikes, your tolerance and limitations. Knowing yourself requires you to: regularly stop, pause and reflect as you change and develop over time, invite and share feedback regularly and know where to focus your development, know when to hold things lightly and what to let go of. Knowing yourself means knowing your purpose and what fulfills you, it enables you to be authentic and truly bring your whole self to work.

About the role

The role, which has a broad remit, is responsible for overseeing the company’s Social Impact and Sustainability strategy for its pharmaceutical business in the UK.

The individual will be accountable for developing and implementing Social Impact initiatives and programmes designed to engage our employees and communities across the UK including our Schools outreach programme, volunteering and charity fundraising.

The individual will also be responsible for the overarching sustainability strategy which includes environment, diversity & inclusion and wellbeing. This includes ensuring a joined up approach to sustainability across various business areas, supporting commercial teams with the tender process and assessing requirements for Social Value Model analysis.

In addition the individual will;

  • Align their personal purpose to the Organisational North Star to enable them to flourish and shine in their role
  • Utilise their skills and capabilities, and working flexibly as part of empowered, self-managed, multi-skilled teams (where appropriate), to ensure Foundational work (where applicable) and Squad-prioritised work is delivered in line with Organisational principles
  • Work collaboratively and share expertise across the organisation to remove silos and duplication, ensure efficient use of similar skill-sets, and to ultimately support common pursuit of the North Star

What skill and capability will the individual bring?

  • Experience in developing, creating and implementing Corporate Responsibility Programme and initiatives and able to demonstrate the Social Impact (Outcomes) of such programmes
  • Ability to drive employee engagement to help deliver outcomes
  • Excellent project management and stakeholder management skills
  • Excellent communication skills, confident in delivering internal and external speaking opportunities, ability to persuade and influence stakeholders at all levels
  • Strong commercial awareness with an understanding of the importance of embedding Sustainability into the business strategy



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