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What are your rights if your employer changes your shift pattern? What about redundancy? This section offers expert answers to readers questions on employment rights. It will also update you on the latest employment news and legislation.

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Maternity Discrimination: Advice & Support

What can you do if your rights have been breached upon your return to work from maternity leave?

We have teamed up with Monaco Solicitors to create a series of videos to give you some advice about the steps you can take.

For the full video click here.

Useful templates:

What is counted as maternity discrimination?

In this video we take a look at what constitutes maternity discrimination – and when you might have a case against your employers.

For the full video click here.

For more in depth information about discrimination and how it applies to employment law, click here.

Useful templates:

How can you negotiate a settlement agreement?

When you feel you have been discriminated against it can take a lot of time and energy to fight it up to tribunal stage. You could try to negotiate a settlement agreement first, so that you are compensated for your treatment.

Monaco solicitors offer some advice about how, and when you should go about this.

For more in depth advice about settlement agreements click here

Useful templates:

Can you legally be made redundant on maternity leave?

What are your employment rights in the UK?

Experts at Monaco Solicitors answer this question in the video. You can also find some useful information about maternity discrimination and letter templates for your use in the links below.

Click here for the full maternity discrimination video.

Useful templates:

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The workforce in the UK is changing. By 2020 1 in 3 workers will be over 50, and by 2030 half of all adults in the UK will be over 50.

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population is vital if we want to create productive, innovative and inclusive multi-generational teams as we all lead longer working lives.

workingwise.co.uk is a job and community site specially focused on older workers looking for flexibility and improved work-life balance, and the employers who recognise what they have to offer.

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