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Welcome to the Affinity Water careers website where you can find out more about our great company and the fantastic people who work as part of our team.

About Affinity Water 

Welcome to the Affinity Water careers website where you can find out more about our great company and the fantastic people who work as part of our team.

Water is essential for life, meaning the service we provide is vital for the 3.6 million customers we serve – this is a very special responsibility

In order to do this brilliantly we need really special people on our team. So if you have a passion for achievement, set sky-high personal standards, want to work in a great environment and love delivering great service for customers you should think seriously about joining us.

If you like working hard and want to unlock the very best of your potential,  a career with us could be the best decision you ever make….

Oh and by the way…..if you like having a bit of fun while  doing all of this, we would definitely love to hear from you.
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Affinity: A natural liking for and understanding of someone or something

It starts and ends with our name. And flows through everything we do…

Our name sets us apart from other water companies, it builds upon a bond, a promise, a behaviour – a way of doing thing differently.  We created a narrative, The Affinity Way that describes who we are, the way we act and the performance we deliver and this is embedded in our culture.

The people make Affinity Water such a special place to work, we recruit people from all walks of life, of all ages with a vast array of skill sets, personalities, abilities and time availability – everyone we recruit is driven, committed and has a zest for life that makes them shine as well as empathy for those we serve and those around them.

Case Study:

A day in the life of Hannah

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Education Services Manager

I’m proud that I am helping to change and shape the way our Education Services work with our communities. At Affinity Water there’s a good team of people who are always willing to help, support and answer questions. A realfriendly bunch!

What is your role and what’s a typical day like?
I work as part of the Education Services team. My day is so varied that I don’t think I have a “typical day”.  Some days I’m in the office doing planning / strategy / admin type stuff, some days I’ll be teaching at the Education Centre in Bushey and on others I’ll be teaching in schools. The teaching can be anything from 3 to 18 year olds across a wide range of subjects and topics, e.g. pond dipping, water audits in schools, art and design projects etc.

Why did you apply to Affinity Water?
I was teaching (Geography and PE) in secondary schools and wanted to stay in education but not in schools, so the job was a good fit. My brother worked here and told me good things about the company.

Can you tell us about your career progression at Affinity Water?
I’m really proud of my progression. Two years ago I started as an Education Coordinator and now I’m running Education Services.  I’ve had lots of training opportunities, both in-house and externally, which have been, identified as part of my Personal Development Plan. I have a great mentor who has helped to support my transition into my new role. Management have been very supportive in getting the right training in place to help me achieve my desired outcomes both in my current and future roles.

Do you get involved with Affinity Water organised activities outside work?

I’m very keen on sport so I get involved in the annual Bowling Tournament. I would like to do more but I’m always out and about. There’s a lot going on – Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Badminton, Running etc.  I did teach some fitness classes to raise money for Water Aid and as part of our Well-Being events.

I was proud to be chosen to go to Uganda in 2014 as part of the Water Aid Water Industry Supporters group. It was a life changing experience!