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At BAE Systems we serve, supply and protect those who serve and protect us – it’s a culture that values diversity, rewards integrity and merit, and a place where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, no matter what their background.

Rekindle your spark in a role that protects what matters

If you’re ready to get back to work after a career break, here at BAE Systems you’ll find a meaningful role that fits your lifestyle as well as your ambitions.

We’re a skilled and increasingly diverse community of over 90,000 people in over 40 countries, creating some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace, and security solutions.

At our core is an overarching purpose – we play our part in protecting those who protect us, making the future more secure for everyone. Those who connect with our purpose feel pride in being part of something bigger; motivated by their ability to make a difference.

Find a role that makes the most of your experience

To continue to innovate, we must always look to the future to find new ways and new ideas to advance – whilst putting our people front and centre.

Here you’ll find a wide range of opportunities, including options to retrain through development programmes. Choose from Engineering to Project Management, Technology and many others, and wherever you join us you’ll play an important part in our team.

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Helping you to find the right balance

With work-life balance and your wellbeing of utmost importance, you’ll find a role that makes the most of your unique perspectives, ambitions, and can-do attitude; with the flexibility to balance your work and home life. We have a range of benefits that you can choose from that mean the most to you and your family, and a comprehensive return-to-work scheme.

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Life at BAE Systems

Life at BAE Systems is always dynamic and challenging. We value the creativity and innovation of a diverse and inclusive team; and trust and empower our people to thrive, no matter what their background or experience.

Join us and you’ll find exceptional support to help you readjust to the world of work, so that you can make a real contribution from day one.

An inclusive workplace

You’ll be part of a supportive, social, and welcoming community, with a great work-life balance in a unique culture of lifelong learning.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is underpinned by our Employee Resource Groups, which include communities focused on gender, race and ethnicity, mental health, disability, veterans, and LGBTQ+ colleagues that encourage open conversation and drive changes that ensure everyone feels at home.

We’re committed to ensuring that equality plays a central part to our future, and have set targets to ensure that women make up at least 50% of our Executive Committee and 30% of our workforce by 2030.

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Our graduates come from all walks of life. But they are united by one thing: talent. Accelerate your career by choosing a BAE Systems graduate programme and you’ll get all the training, learning and support you need to make sure your talent shines. And you’ll play crucial role in creating a secure tomorrow for generations to come. Find out more about our Graduate programme here

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Visit our careers website to explore the wide range of opportunities available, and get hints and tips on how to make your application stand out.

Join us in the next phase of our story as we look to the future and work together – for a brighter, better and more secure tomorrow.


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Case Studies

Krystina, Senior Systems Engineer, Warton

Krystina from BAE Systems

Krystina is a Senior Systems Engineer based in Warton.

‘My role is to look after some of the systems that makes one of our planes fly. There are many different systems involved, such as the fuel or landing system, and it’s part of my role to make sure that they’re all working correctly, interacting with each other as required, identifying any obsolete components that need to be replaced and that any issues are safely resolved.

I joined the business from another company having studied to be an aerospace engineer at university. I’ve now been here for eight years, I really enjoy it. It’s a great team with real camaraderie and I’ve been involved in some fantastic projects. I’m currently working on the Tempest jet fighter aircraft project which is something I never thought I’d do. My work has always been varied and I’ve been supported to plan my career path and make it happen. I had some maternity leave and since coming back I’ve been really focused on how I want my career to progress, I don’t want to hold myself back, and the business is helping me achieve my ambitions.

I’m seeing a lot of women progress within the business, which is really good, there’s more female role models to help inspire others to join us. I wasn’t aware of any when I was younger and first got interested in engineering. I’m on the steering group for our Gender Equity Network and got involved in our International Women in Engineering Day activities, and outside of work I’m involved in the Women’s Engineering Society. I really think it’s important to get more girls and women in STEM careers. Women are quick thinkers, we want to innovate, we look at things in a different way to men, and a diversity of thinking helps the business progress.

I’d say to any women thinking of a career in STEM not to be put off by stereotypes; don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, don’t be afraid to ask questions. There’s so much opportunity here, great teamwork, and collaboration. It’s exciting, my time here has flown by”

Chanda, DevOps Engineering Apprentice, Leeds

Chanda Azam headshot

Chanda is a DevOps Engineering Apprentice based in Leeds.

‘I’d wanted to get into tech for a while. And for a bit of context, I am an older apprentice, I’m 32 and have a young child, and I had other jobs prior to coming here. I was always really worried about leaving a stable job for an apprenticeship and starting afresh, but after getting made redundant, rather than seeing that as a setback, I decided I was going to use it as an opportunity to pursue exactly what I wanted to do. And it was all serendipitous, really, because BAE Systems were recruiting for DevOps engineering apprentices at the time. The stars had aligned, I felt it was meant to be.

DevOps combines the practice of developing, with the operations side. So really going through the whole software development lifecycle, from inception to the end product. When I read about the apprenticeship it seemed to me that it was offering so much and expecting very little in return. It wasn’t necessary to have any prior technical experience or knowledge, just an interest in tech, a GCSE in english and maths, and the willingness to learn. The more I learned about the business, and the more people I met throughout the application process of being taken on, the more I wanted it. I was ecstatic when I got the email that said I’d been successful.

As an apprentice I think there’s a perception that when you come into a company, you’re probably not going to have that much of an impact, but that’s not the case here. Six weeks after joining my current project, I was asked to lead on a technical demonstration for the client and senior stakeholders. The business has pushed me out of my comfort zone many times. That can be scary at times, but it’s the best place to be as an apprentice because it really helps me grow! It’s such valuable experience and it means that I’ve learned some completely new skills that I’m then able to use again and again.

When I was applying for an apprenticeship, I naturally associated them with school leavers, college leavers, that sort of demographic. And I thought do I really want to be a 32-year-old apprentice? Then actually coming through it with no technical experience and learning the amount of stuff that I have in the last year, I’ve really surprised myself. I’m actually really, really proud that I am an apprentice. I feel as though I’m paving the way for other people out there that are similar to me in terms of age, in terms of their life experience and their responsibilities outside of work. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

The work we do here is important, it helps save lives and protects me. I’m not just doing this for me, I’m doing it for my son. I’m doing it for his future.’

Dolapo, Project Manager, Glasgow

Dolapo is a Project Manager based in Scoutston, near Glasgow.

“I was initially involved with the business as a contractor, working for three years as an assistant project manager on the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and then on the HMS Prince of Wales. I really enjoyed seeing the contribution my work made to those complex projects.

I was offered the chance to become a permanent employee and I was very pleased to do so. The tangibility of the work I’m doing. How it is contributing to something bigger than I am. I feel valued here, and I can see the contribution that my work is making, which makes me feel very proud. I get regular feedback from my managers but I never feel micromanaged. I’m trusted to make decisions and get on with things.

I’ve just come back from maternity leave and I’m being fully supported in my transition back into work. I am currently splitting my time working from home with and coming into the office. I felt like they took the time to listen to that, which is really useful with a small baby to look after. It goes a long way to help with the challenges that come with being a working parent.

It’s been a gradual return to work so far, but I know the pace is about to pick up on my latest project. I’m part of a great team, we all share ideas and advice. It’s a real community and such a welcoming culture. We all share the same ‘can-do’ attitude, we’re all genuine people, happy to help each other. We know what we’re doing is important, and we’ve a shared sense of purpose.”

Emma, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager, Farnborough

Emma is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager based in Farnborough.

“I have worked for the company for 16 years, joining the graduate scheme, where I worked in HR placements across mainly generalist roles and some specialist roles. I was involved in employee relations and as an HR business partner supporting employees with general HR queries. I was initially attracted to BAE Systems, as it was on The Times’ Top 100 for graduate employers. I felt connected to supporting defence as I have a number of military friends and the products and services we provide protects them, which resonates with my values.

I never intended to stay with the company so long, yet whenever I have been at the point of looking for a challenge and change, I have always found the company big enough to give me that. Something has always come up. I’ve had some excellent training and feel supported in my development. My mentor has always made time for me and helps me by talking through any challenges, providing advice and support.

After leaving the graduate scheme I actually went back to be the manager of the graduate scheme and early careers programme for the business I worked in. I really enjoyed this role as it meant ensuring that people enjoyed coming into BAE Systems, had varied, developmental roles and I supported their transition off the scheme to avoid the edge of a cliff that finishing a graduate programme can feel like. My part was to ensure they had the best possible experience on the scheme and felt supported and engaged throughout.

I then went into the Naval Ships business, which was culturally very different and my role evolved to being about creating a working environment where we really want people to be themselves, feel valued, listened to and respected. I’ve continued to focus on this now, albeit in a Head Office role which spans across our company.

BAE Systems is striving to create a diverse and inclusive environment where we’re free to be ourselves and give our best. We want to attract the best talent available and value people’s different ideas to drive innovation. To harness that though we know that we must have a culture where people feel appreciated for their true selves. A part of what I’ve been working on recently has been to create dignity and respect training and mandated training for everyone to help us all create an inclusive workplace. I’m passionate about wanting everyone to feel a sense of belonging and inclusion at BAE Systems and am proud of the steps we are taking to achieve this.”

Jo, Transitions Director, Farnborough


Jo is a Transitions Director based in Farnborough.

Jo has been at BAE Systems for ten years, initially working in Digital Intelligence and is currently running a significant change programme which touches all parts of the business.

“I was attracted to BAE Systems because of its reputation as a good employer and as an organisation that protects Britain, offering a huge variety of opportunities across multiple industries.

I initially joined Digital Intelligence and worked on the messaging around defence against cyber-attacks and better use of actionable intelligence. Several years later, when I began supporting other parts of the business, I found myself in a conversation about munitions development. I realised that, working here, it is important to recognise that we are building our country’s defences and protecting our nation.

I have stayed with BAE Systems as I am proud of what we do and the fantastic opportunities I have been given to learn new things and progress in my career. I feel valued and work with really inspiring people.

When I joined, I had relatively young children. I have always felt the company recognised my commitment and has, in turn, been flexible when necessary to let me handle challenges at home. Being able to start meetings after 9.30 am and finishing by 4.30 pm enables those with family to do what they need to and still come back online to finish things afterwards, guilt-free.

One of the significant career steps in my time at BAE Systems was my role as an Account Director for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), where we delivered IT and communication services that enable FCDO to support British citizens, trade and aid worldwide. This involved running a team of 150 technical and delivery experts within a public sector environment. Our work was absolutely critical to enable British people to remain safe, supportive and effective in the UK and abroad, often in some very difficult and complex circumstances. We were the team behind the headlines, supporting the evacuation of British citizens from war zones, civil unrest and natural disasters, enabling FCDO crisis task forces to operate for their safe return. The role felt very closely aligned with our organisation-wide mission to protect the nation.

Culturally I feel BAE Systems is 100% committed to inclusion, investing in our people and promoting talent. BAE Systems is undergoing a significant cultural journey to bring the best of the inclusion processes to the fore, including diversity, and anonymous recruitment, with behaviour among leaders reinforcing this with investment in the local community, STEM ambassador opportunities and diversity, equity and inclusion related objectives at all levels.

BAE Systems has allowed me to develop with the recognition and support of more senior people who spotted my potential. I feel that our business values authenticity and that being reasonable and pleasant is not counter-intuitive to making good decisions and negotiating great outcomes.”

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