At Lendlease we believe in putting people’s wellbeing first. We have a key focus on health, safety and wellbeing as well as an importance on actively encouraging work-life balance and a flexible approach to working

An inclusive workplace, focused on employee wellbeing, where you can be at your best

We are one of the world’s leading fully-integrated property and infrastructure solutions providers.

Known for our ability to deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget, we also hold a strong commitment to health and safety – we operate to be incident and injury free wherever we have a presence. Today that includes four regions across the globe.

We bring our expertise to a broad range of sectors, including commercial office, residential, industrial, life sciences, retail, hospitality and mixed-use.

Regardless of a project’s size or complexity, we harness end-to-end solutions and tailor them to meet our clients’ needs. This flexible approach underpins the strong, lasting partnerships we enjoy with clients, from governments to blue chip companies, around the world.

An inclusive workplace where you can be at your best

We want you to bring your whole self to work and be the very best you can be. Our inclusion programme focuses on realising equality for all diverse groups. These include:

Race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, age, disability, health status, creed, citizenship status, marital status, pregnancy, family responsibilities, medical record, military or veteran status, political affiliation, trade union activity and/or any other categories protected by applicable laws.

We want to create a workplace where you can thrive, seeking a healthier, happier and more productive life because you are supported.

Lendlease is committed to promoting its values and creating an environment in which you are able to fully contribute to the company while feeling valued and respected.
Family Leave

We recognise the importance of family leave and that parents/carers often have a joint responsibility for the care and upbringing of their children, and that work and family life can create conflicting pressures. We also recognise that families are very diverse and can be formed of different relationships.

The development of our family leave policies and supportive working practices make it possible for employees to more easily balance family and work, and to fulfil both their personal and professional obligations.

Lendlease also offers paid family leave over and above the statutory entitlements for those eligible and access to the WORK + FAMILY space, an online resource to help you combine caring responsibilities and work.

Shares Parental Leave

lendlease shared parental

Fathers are often left out of the work-life balance debate and working fathers remain worried about their career prospects. However, recent polls show that an increasing number of dads want to spend more time with their family and 85 per cent wish they had taken more time off to look after their child. “Eligibility and a lack of awareness of shared parental leave“, as well as feeling “financially unable” were primary factors in the shockingly low uptake of shared parental leave.

At Lendlease, we offer 6 months of leave at full-pay for parents, irrespective of whether they are the primary or secondary carer. Over the past year, 30% of eligible fathers at Lendlease took shared parental leave compared with a national average of 3%.

Matt Bartlett is a Senior Project Manager at Lendlease and took 3 months of shared parental leave. He shares with us his experience.

“I would definitely recommend some form of parental leave to any new parents at Lendlease. Whether it be 2 weeks or 6 months, everyone will take something positive from the experience. Efficient use of time and prioritisation are definitely skills I have honed, rather than learned, during my short stint of parental leave. It also made financial sense for me to take 3 months leave at full pay and not have to spend money on childcare.

“The support from my manager and team was overwhelmingly positive and I was encouraged to use my entitlement and was even promoted while on shared parental leave.

“Going back to work was about establishing a ‘new normal’. As two working parents it was important for us to establish new boundaries with our respective teams in terms of our working hours and pattern. I’ve also realised how little empathy I had for working parents when I first started my professional life. On a cultural level, we are not ready for dads to be primary carers. I felt that people were suspicious of my whereabouts and frequently asked why I wasn’t at work. Also, being the only male at every parent and baby class or event I attended can be very intimidating (I have much more empathy now for women in construction) I’m very grateful I was able to take this opportunity to spend more time with my daughter and can definitely say it has been a very positive opportunity for my personal growth.”

Flexibility and Wellbeing

At Lendlease we believe in putting people’s wellbeing first. We have a key focus on health, safety and wellbeing as well as an importance on actively encouraging work-life balance and a flexible approach to working, which we believe is instrumental in making our organisation a great place to work.

We offer wellbeing leave and various other health benefits, including health assessments, to empower you to take a proactive approach to your health and wellbeing.

Although many of our roles are full-time, we are open to discussing flexible working for the right candidate, including home working or flexible hours.

Here for you

The Lendlease Foundation was set up in 1983 by our founder, Dick Dusseldorp, and our former chairman, Stuart Hornery.

They had a long-term goal for a function at Lendlease that would nurture and support its social responsibility both internally to employees as well as to the community.

30 years on, and Lendlease Foundation remains focused on three broad areas to help

employees live their lives to the fullest:

  • Enriching the lives of employees and their families
  • Aiding charities and communities where we have an involvement
  •  Inspiring interest in the activities of Lendlease

We are as committed to this as ever with fresh ideas to help bring health and happiness to employees, their families and the communities where we live and work, including:

Health and Wellbeing – Our programmes offer practical tools and resources for maintaining a healthy life. Programmes range from health MOTs to looking after your overall mental wellbeing.

Personal Development – To create the best places we need the best people. We will support you in being the best you can be through tailored personal development. One of the ways we do this is by sending employees on a unique personal development and community programme in Tasmania for one week, giving them space to focus on themselves.

Community – We engage with the communities where we live and work so that we can create places where people prosper. By focusing on volunteering and creating long-term partnerships, in the last 20 years our annual Community Day has seen us volunteer 600,000 hours to local communities.

Read a Q&A with Lisa White, Head of HR at Lendlease here

Empowering People

“Lendlease empowers me to do what I want in my career. It’s more than just about making money, it’s about making a fundamental change in people’s lives.”
– Edward Mayes, Development Director

The decisions and actions of senior teams should create a positive legacy throughout any business – with the impetus on creating your own path to change. Leaders should act as positive role models, rather than hidden figures with unclear motives.

At Lendlease, we believe that an open culture of communication is necessary for leaders and teams to work together – starting with regular conversations such as team talks.

Lendlease awarded National Equality Standard for approach to diversity

Leading property and construction group Lendlease has been recognised for its progressive approach to diversity, becoming the first UK property group and one of the first construction companies to be awarded the National Equality Standard.

The National Equality Standard (NES) was developed by business for business and sets out clear equality, diversity and inclusion criteria. Independently assessed by EY, the NES is now being utilised globally and is supported by the Home Office, the CBI and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Lendlease was praised by EY for playing a leading role in a sector often considered ‘too difficult’ for diversity and inclusion. As part of its commitment to promoting greater diversity and equality, Lendlease has:

  • introduced wellbeing leave for all employees
  • rolled out mental health wellbeing training to over 600 staff
  • signed the Time to Change pledge aimed at ending mental health stigma – the first UK construction company to do so
  • become a founding member of BuildingEquality – an industry group established to tackle homophobia and encourage more LGBT people to consider working in construction
  • been an active member and signatory of Real Estate Balance – an industry group to promote gender balance across the property and construction sector
  • introduced a 50:50 graduate intake to help grow the number of woman entering the industry.

Arun Batra, Chief Executive of the National Equality Standard, said:

“I am absolutely delighted that Lendlease has become the first property group and one of the first construction companies to obtain the National Equality Standard.

“The hard work that they have undertaken and the obvious commitment they have demonstrated to their diversity and inclusion agenda is something which they should be very proud of, and it gives me great pleasure to congratulate them on this achievement.”

Simon Feeke, Lead Assessor for the National Equality Standard, said:

“Lendlease has proven that it is possible to drive meaningful change in a sector that is often considered ‘too difficult’ for diversity and inclusion efforts.

“Their determination to progress globally consistent goals of gender equity, flexible work and inclusive leadership is demonstrated through a courageous attitude, a variety of impactful and measurable initiatives and crucially, leadership accountability.”

Dan Labbad, Lendlease’s Chief Executive Officer, International Operations said:

“We are pleased to have been recognised as the first property group to successfully achieve this highly regarded standard.

“Promoting greater diversity and inclusivity is a key industry challenge and the work of the National Equality Standard provides a valuable platform to help businesses address this important priority.”
Teaming up

“Working for Lendlease, I already have permission to be flexible in the way that I work, I don’t have to ask for that. This means that we can be judged on our output rather than our presenteeism. All of that comes together to create a sense of camaraderie. We’re all looking out for each other and working towards the same goal: a healthy, happy workplace.”

  • Gemma Bourne, General Manager in Sustainability

We want everyone to develop and progress in a way that best works for them as individuals. From leadership roles to our 50:50 mix of graduates, we want everyone to feel part of a supportive, inclusive team.

To find out why Lendlease is the place for them, this week, we take five minutes out to discuss health and wellbeing:


Simon Burwood, Operations Director, Consulting

Almost 12 years. I’ve had several roles in that time in various business units and central functions, but from where I started, I’ve come back full circle to our Consulting business.

Personal health, whether that’s mental or physical, and how it impacts your happiness, comfort and contentment in life.

When I became a father, I was interested to explore Lendlease’s progressive and accommodating mindset around wellbeing. As a parent, I wanted an active relationship with, first, my daughter’s nursery and nowadays her school. It was important to me to be there to drop her off some days and collect her on others.

It’s fantastic to now comment that in the four years since I introduced these small adjustments into my working pattern, I’ve never experienced anything other than support in respect of my routine and the business has absolutely accommodated my personal requirements. If you go back a generation or two, a father wouldn’t traditionally get that opportunity. You wouldn’t see too many dads lining up to collect their kids from school. Of course, the quid pro quo is that I also work outside of regular office hours to keep on top of my work.

It’s important to me and my family that I share responsibility for the school run with my wife, ensuring both of us can pursue our careers.  I also think it’s important that others in the business see me doing this and perhaps it will inspire some to think about and work on their wellbeing.

Was a family trip to Legoland. Weekends fly by and it’s nice to be able to change the pace with an extra day outside of annual leave.  As a family, we don’t often get a spare day!  People will be more productive if they have some time away from the office to re-charge their batteries and it’s great we’re allowed the opportunity to do this.

Hopping off the tube a stop early to walk to the office. Just a little bit of exercise in the morning makes me feel better and I can get my morning coffee on the way in.

It has an extraordinarily altruistic outlook for its employees’ wellbeing. Mental health still isn’t talked about enough in the industry but we’re on the front foot. The people I spend my time with in the business certainly talk honestly and openly about it, which is great.

They say variety is the spice of life. Encouraging our people to change their surroundings and working practices is a great way to spark innovation, improve productivity, and build a winning team.

To find out more about health and wellbeing at Lendlease, click here.

Bring Your Whole Self to Work

People are more innovative, productive and engaged if they can bring their whole self to work. We want the best people to join our teams, and know that we need diverse ideas, experiences, and backgrounds to achieve this. From the hiring stage, through to every point of our people’s careers, we want to make sure everyone feels comfortable at work. That’s the mentality we should all be sharing with our teams. Our goal is to provide career development opportunities for all in a fair and equitable way.

Case Study:

We are family

At Lendlease, we recognise the importance of being able to balance work and family life. We also understand that taking family leave can be a big change for everyone involved. To make the transition as smooth as possible, Lendlease has introduced the Returners Guide – an online booklet giving step-by-step information through the process, for anyone thinking of taking family leave or managing someone who is.

Jenny Sawyer, Senior Development Manager at Lendlease, knows what it’s like to be a working parent of two children. She shared her experiences here:

23 years, in a range of different roles and on numerous projects. I also had the amazing opportunity to work in Malaysia and Singapore for two years. Since returning from maternity leave just over a year ago I’ve been working on MP4 where we have just submitted a planning application for the next phase at Elephant Park.

Involves getting to the office at 7.30. I start work early so I can leave just after 4pm to collect my children from school and nursery before they shut at 6pm.


That as a company, Lendlease has become more and more committed to improving the wellbeing of its employees.

Even between having my first child, five years ago, and my second two years ago, there has been a dramatic shift towards supporting a positive work-life balance. People in the business have moved from rhetoric to providing a really supportive environment to allow people to work at their best.

This means that we can all be open about how we work flexibly, without any fear of recrimination. In fact, when I am open about my flexible work schedule, people actively support it. Colleagues do not arrange meetings after four o’clock if they want me there because they know that I have to leave.

My family, but also my friends who are working mums. Having this network of women trying to juggle school pickups, work and homework is so encouraging and helps me realise that I can do it as well.

Read more from Jenny on working flexibly here.

At Lendlease, we have enhanced parental leave, which means that our employees can take six months at full pay, irrespective of gender.

A Day in the Life

We know that we have immensely talented women in our business. But, what can be done to encourage more women into the industry? And why do our female employees feel Lendlease is the place for them? Our new interview series finds pout first-hand.

We caught up with:

Amber Neate,
Assistant Project Manager at Rathbone

Managing the roofing, landscaping, feature passageways and bespoke Artisan gates on the project as part of my role in the Envelope team.

I manage them from design through to delivery on site, and procurement of their materials as well. I started on Rathbone in December 2015, but have been with Lendlease for six years, working in Australia previously.

Embracing people’s differences and uniqueness, encouraging everyone to be involved, despite their differences.

Push to create more inclusive networks, which I have noticed starting to happen since I moved to the UK 18 months ago. In Australia, I was involved in industry groups like the National Association of Women in Construction. We had events to encourage women into the industry and it provided a support network for women already in construction.

There are really interesting jobs. I have always been on interesting projects with unique challenges. I’m in the Aspire programme this year, and the opportunities for progression are fantastic. I wouldn’t have that at any other company – it lets me work on the things I need to become a leader.

If you’re interested in a role like Amber’s, visit our Lendlease careers page here.


At Lendlease, we think diversity and inclusion is incredibly important. We’ve been discussing just why it is so important with a number of our people recently, in a search to find out why Lendlease is the place for them.

This week, we caught up with: Wendy Cranmer, Recruitment and Retention Manager, Be Onsite – our not-for-profit organisation.


Managing the Be Onsite Recruitment and Retention team; liaising with our construction and development project teams, and with the Lendlease supply chain to secure job opportunities.

I work with a wide variety of local referrers to identify candidates and work directly with candidates along with my team to support them into sustained work on Lendlease projects.


Is the essence of who we are at Be Onsite. We work with people from all cultures and walks of life, from those with challenging backgrounds, to currently serving prisoners and ex-offenders. We get to meet such incredible people.


Be more open, and focus on being unjudgmental and really reaching out to people. Diversity will follow that.


I feel privileged to do the job I do. In the last seven years, one of the most wonderful things about it is the way that it doesn’t get stale. Change is embraced within the wider company and I enjoy working with a company that wholeheartedly supports that.

If you’re interested in a role like Wendy’s, visit our Lendlease careers page here.

Find out more about diversity at Lendlease here.

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