Macquarie Group

At Macquarie, you own your future.  That’s because we know the best investment you can make is in yourself.  Our 49 years of unbroken profitability comes from encouraging our people to think differently.  In doing so, we uncover opportunities that others may miss.  Be part of a talented global team.  Instinctively entrepreneurial.  Ambitious in nature.  Determined to succeed.


Who we are

Macquarie is a diversified financial group providing clients with asset management and finance, banking, advisory and risk and capital solutions across debt, equity and commodities.

We are a uniquely diverse business with deep specialist expertise. We work with top-tier firms, small businesses and emerging leaders, governments and community organisations. Whether it’s a share transaction or an infrastructure project, what we do has impact.

Work with us and you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference. 

Diversity at Macquarie 

Macquarie co worker

In each one of our offices around the world you’ll find individuals with different skills, experiences and ways of thinking. While we each have our own unique story, we are united by a culture of collaboration, innovation and high performance. A career at Macquarie means an opportunity to build your future while contributing to ours.

We value the innovation and creativity that diversity of thought brings. Macquarie’s range of experiences, skills and views are key strengths and critical to the wide range of services the Group delivers across the globe as well as understanding the communities in which we operate.

Macquarie’s ongoing commitment to workforce diversity ensures our business remains innovative, sustainable and continues to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Women at Macquarie 

Macquarie is committed to ensuring our people have access to the same rewards, resources and opportunities, regardless of gender, and actively participates in women’s sponsorship, mentoring and networking programs, both internally and externally in all regions.

At Macquarie, we pride ourselves on our ability to realise opportunity – and to make it happen within a diverse and inclusive team environment. Gender is an important aspect of our much broader diversity opportunity. We show our support in different ways with many different events and activities across our global offices.


Our workforce is becoming increasingly diverse, and technology continues to evolve to allow greater freedom to perform work from different locations and in different ways. Macquarie aims to facilitate flexible working arrangements where possible to support our people achieve their career and personal goals.

Because we recognise that working flexibly means different things to different people, flexible working exists across Macquarie in many forms. A flexible working arrangement may include for example, changes to hours, locations and patterns of work, or access to leave without pay, study and exam leave or a range of other flexible options dependent on circumstance and feasibility.

Ultimately, we empower our staff to manage their professional commitments to suit their own personal situation, and equip our people managers to lead a flexible workforce.

Case Study:

nikki_earthrowl_macquarieOnly around 15 per cent of traders are women, but Nikki, now Senior Vice President of Physical Oil at financial services firm Macquarie Group, says this has never been an issue for her.

“Geology is very male dominated so gender didn’t come into it for me,” she says. “I was drawn by the mental stimulation of the job.”

Nikki joined Macquarie shortly after returning from her first maternity leave and says the firm has been very supportive.

Her return to work has been eased by Macquarie’s maternity policy and by the fact that she is sharing her leave with her husband.

Nikki will do three days a week for the first month and is working flexi hours so she can drop her children off and stay later which means she can catch the later physical market as needed.

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