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The simple truth is, we believe in you. We want to invest in you and make sure you’re happy with how you’re contributing – and learning. We’re about careers. The long game – freedom to grow alongside your family commitments.

Here at the Hut, we understand that being a mum means work has to fit around family. But that doesn’t mean we won’t take your development very seriously.

You deserve to fulfil your potential, so we make sure your training suits you and your particular talents. One size most definitely doesn’t fit all.

Not worked in hospitality before? No problem. Your induction alone will include everything you need to take the lid off your ambition and let your talent fly. There’s an awesome mix of online and on-the-job training. And should you wish to progress into Management, you’ll be cross trained by some of the best in the business at our handpicked, specially trained Restaurants. Go Mum!

Our something-for-everyone range of benefits include flexible working and discounts at over 100 retailers. Not to mention discounted gym membership, health benefits, free meals on longer shifts and 50% off food for all the family. We also have a fantastic Employee Assistance Programme that can offer support and guidance (that’s for both you and your family) from wellbeing, to financial and legal advice – we got you!

So, exceptional training. Check. Great benefits, double check. This is the kind of place where hard work = getting something back.

Case Study:


I’ve been a Restaurant General Manager here in Durham for three years but I’ve been working at Pizza Hut for 18 years! I’ve got a 16-year-old son and a daughter who’s 7.

I started with Pizza Hut as a waitress at 18 and I had my first child at 19. I didn’t know how I’d cope being pregnant running around a restaurant. Financially too, it was a bit of an unknown as to whether I’d be able to stay at work if I had to pay for childcare. But because my hours were flexible, I never struggled. I was always able to organise my shifts around my childcare, rather than the other way around.

We have flexible working for my team. The gist is that, providing you can work your contracted hours then you can choose when you do them as long as the restaurant can accommodate it. I’ve got another working mum in my team at the moment and we’ve organised set shifts that she can plan her week around. If there’s the odd appointment at school or whatever, we’re good at organising things between us so that everyone is happy. My partner also works as a Restaurant General Manager for Pizza Hut and we’re able to work it so one of us is able to provide childcare.

I’ve been really lucky to have so many opportunities at Pizza Hut. When I started my management training, my son was a baby. We were paper-based back then and when I went to my interview—because I’d been revising while looking after my son—my notes were covered in sticky baby handprints. The interviewer didn’t bat an eyelid—on the contrary, they thought it showed real commitment that I was revising while caring for a young child.

Having had a child young, I never got the chance to go to University. I have always wanted a degree. Pizza Hut have given me the opportunity to make this dream a reality – earlier in the year I completed my Level 4 Hospitality Manager apprenticeship, and in October I was accepted onto the Chartered Manager Degree Programme which is a Level 6 Apprenticeship all through Pizza Hut’s Education Team – I could never have imagined this was possible, but here I am now, on the road to getting my degree! I never thought at 18 I would be where I am now!



I’m a mother of two and a Restaurant General Manager for Pizza Hut. My eldest was born on Christmas eve, so I’m a good example of a working mum who needs time off over Christmas! Also, my kids are at the age where they’re getting involved in all sorts of clubs and activities so I spend a lot of time running around after them. If I didn’t have flexibility at work, I couldn’t do that.

Starting as a Team Member, I went through the management programme to get where I am today. I met my partner at Pizza Hut and, after we had our first son, I took three months off before returning to work. Having two kids was a bit more challenging but my Area Manager allowed me to work one day a week to ease myself back in before I returned to full time.

A year and a half ago, I decided to drop down to part time. It was becoming difficult to fit my role around two children and, having worked as an RGM for 21 years, I felt I would be able to still manage my team with a shorter working week. I put in a flexible working request, which was accepted, and it’s worked out really well. I can spend more time with the kids and I’m able to work late shifts to accommodate things like football matches. Oh, and the kids love it that mum works at Pizza Hut!

I have a lot of working mums and dads on my team– it’s all about knowing your team to work with them to make sure they get the balance of work and family that’s important to them, this is the same across team member and managers. The key to getting the flexibility you need is just to be open and honest with your managers. If you need flexible working or to go part time, they can help you with that



I’m a Pizza Hut Team Member with two sons aged 10 and 13. Before I had kids I was a  Shift Manager but dropped down to Team Member so I could weigh the balance of my responsibilities more on my family.

This place has been a godsend when it comes to childcare. I was able to go down to two shifts a week after my first child and was able to pick up more shifts the older they got. Pizza Hut worked around me to give me the shifts I needed—they even worked around the school run so I could do that. And they’ll always let me swap a shift if I can’t find childcare. In return, I help them out whenever I can.

I was a bit stressed about how having kids would fit around work, but Pizza Hut is great with new families. There’s so much flexibility and you’re always looked after. Managers have children too, so they understand everything that comes with it.

Development wise, I think having kids has helped me more than anything else. Managing with kids definitely helps with the management skills needed at work. The opportunity is there for me to go back into management and it’s something I’m talking about with my managers at the moment!



I look after recruitment and training at Pizza Hut restaurants. I have two children aged 8 and 10. Neither of them are shrinking violets, so would be perfectly suited to hospitality!

I started as a busser—clearing tables and topping up the salad bar—because I wanted to be an actress and needed to earn money for drama school. I didn’t need qualifications, so it was an easy in! I worked my way up to shift manager and eventually deputy manager. Just before I was 21, I was made a Restaurant General Manager. Now I lead a team in HR for Recruitment, Training & Development – Pizza Hut has been my university of life and over my 20 years here I have had many opportunities to learn, grow and progress.

When I became a parent, my line manager was so supportive. There was never any discussion on whether it would impact my development. And working part-time was never an issue—in fact my line manager was also part-time! There were some really successful working parents at the business and they were really inspiring role models for me.

As a parent, I get plenty of help from Pizza Hut. For Deputy Managers upwards, there’s private healthcare—the virtual GP service is a godsend. The discounts at Currys are really handy when my son and nephew’s birthdays come around. Also, seven years ago, my husband at the time was really ill. Work gave me all the support and space I needed—which they didn’t have to do, from a policy perspective. They even advised on the support my husband’s employer should provide. We have an amazing Employee Assistance Programme, which I have used in providing support for my team through the pandemic and also used personally to seek advice on issues outside work for both myself and family – its extra’s like this that are really invaluable!

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