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Taylor Wimpey is a FTSE 100 business and one of the largest residential developers in the UK, building new homes and communities across England, Scotland and Wales. 

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Our people are passionate about the house building industry and about our customers. Culturally we pride ourselves in having a diverse work force with an opportunity to grow a career in a variety of environments.

We are a company that’s open to flexible working patterns in relevant jobs and fully support part time roles and job shares. We look to develop our people in the skills and areas they are most interested in so if you are looking to join a thriving company going through an exciting period then please get in touch.

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It’s a myth what they sale about females on a building site. We can do anything when we turn our hand to it.’ Caroline – Production Manager


Women In Construction

The UK construction industry employs more than 2.5 million people, but currently women make up just 11%* of the sector, but there’s a steady stream of women challenging that statistic.

Whilst the overall statistics on women in construction are disappointing, we’re proud that many of our female employees are bucking the trend with positive stories of their own careers.

Many of our employees recently joined RIBA’s #seemejoinme campaign where construction professionals around the world shared a selfie with their job title to show young women, parents and teachers that careers in construction are not off-limits to girls.

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Check out our 2018 Gender Pay Report Here

Case Study:

Anne Billson-Ross – Group HR Director

I wouldn’t want to do any job if I wasn’t able to work flexibly. Having taken the decision to have children in my 30’s, I knew I wanted to be the best mum I could be and for me, that also meant being a working mum, who baked birthday cakes, made fancy dress costumes and attended the important school events. I remember attending a Mother’s Day event for my youngest son, who was tactically positioned at the end of the line, as his teacher knew I would always turn up, but only with seconds to spare. All the children spoke about why they loved their mums. Thomas stood forward and said, ‘I love my mum because she has to work really hard so we can go on fantastic holidays’ – he was spot on, that was exactly why I worked then. Whilst there have been times over the last 15 years that juggling has meant compromising both as a mum and career choices, I knew the whole family understood and supported why I worked.

I spent the first 9 years as a mum working 4 days a week. Whilst not for everyone, it was important to me to be able to drop my kids off and pick them up every Friday. It did mean, the more senior I got, the more pressure I had to respond to urgent issues on a Friday. It was always my choice, but I managed to juggle the diary when I really needed to. I know, in a previous company, I was overlooked for a Group HR Director role because I was determined not to compromise my school pick up, a job that I was subsequently offered and accepted a year later – on four days a week.

Whether it was formal part time working, or subsequently the ability to work in an agile way, my determination to deliver what is required of the role has ensured that I have been supported by my line managers, and colleagues, each measuring me on output rather than where or how I deliver. Pete (CEO of Taylor Wimpey) and I had an open discussion on agile working at interview and he fully supported this.  It certainly helps having a line manager who is open minded and measures you on the output over working pattern. I put this down to three factors; trust, personal drive to over achieve and recognising there will always be the need to compromise from time to time.

I know working flexibly isn’t always easy, and the biggest critic is more likely to be the employee who is juggling work and home demands.  As a company we are committed to supporting our employees in finding the right balance between work and home, in whatever way works best for them and the business. Having line managers at Taylor Wimpey who are open minded definitely makes the opportunity to work in an agile and flexible way more possible. Ultimately, I think we can attract and retain highly skilled and experienced employees into roles they enjoy because they feel supported both to deliver for Taylor Wimpey and achieve their personal goals. For me personally, aside from the school pick up one day a week, it is always having the time to ‘bling up’ my home the day before a family birthday and create showstopper birthday cakes – often more stressful than my working week!

Anna Powell

When I became a mum ten years ago, I couldn’t imagine that I would be able to progress to a senior role whilst working part time. I accepted that my career would take a back seat and my choice at that time was to take a relatively junior role to enable me to be at home two days a week with my kids. Fast forward ten years and I’m still working part time, but I’m also Head of Marketing at Taylor Wimpey, a FTSE 100 company.

All this has been made possible by the company’s attitude to agile and flexible working. I work four days a week now, but I’m also able to work flexibly, so if I need to pick my kids up from school unexpectedly or one of them is ill I can be there. I have core hours, but I can adapt these to fit to either my work or home commitments, and I can hand on heart say that I am never made to feel that this is an issue.

Taylor Wimpey is also heavily investing in its IT systems which means that I can work in an agile way, whether that’s at home, on the train, or being able to video call into meetings where necessary.

We are working hard to embrace the opportunities that flexible working brings to the work force and it feels great to be able to balance a fulfilling and challenging career without compromising on my commitments at home.

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