Knowledge is power: Tackling career confidence head on


One of the most common themes we hear from mums registering on our Digital Mums social media training programmes is how a lack of confidence has held them back from either returning to the workplace or securing the job they are actually worth. From being out of the workplace for even as little as three months, we hear endless tales of feeling left behind by digital advances or losing all self belief despite their high-flying BC* careers.

This lack of confidence often translates into the jobs mums apply for.  Research we commissioned for the launch of our #WorkThatWorks Movement found that only 14 per cent of mums felt their skills hadn’t been – or wouldn’t have to be – compromised to find a flexible job around childcare. A depressing stat. And not one limited to mums.  According to research from Hewlett-Packard, men apply for a job when they meet 60 per cent of the qualifications but women only apply if they meet 100 per cent. Sound familiar?

This is one of the reasons we launched our new Digital Retox course. Our aim with it is to demystify digital and empower women with the confidence to return to the workplace or refresh their current skill set so they can make positive changes in their current role or hustle for the roles – and pay – they deserve.  

One of the mums currently over half way through our first pilot is Denise Harman [pictured]. Previously a management consultant, Denise took five years out to look after her twin girls. She recently returned to work as a part time Marketing Administrator with a small London Boutique agency in December. Here’s her story..

“Before I started Digital Retox, I would have described myself as having low confidence in my skills generally, totally lacking any digital awareness and a bit of a nervous numpty with technology.  Uber and WhatsApp were as digital as I got! My digital knowledge has now been given a complete overhaul and I’m confidently using new tools and apps.

Just getting to grips, quickly, with new technology is a real boost for someone who’s been out of the workplace for a while or who doesn’t have the need to use different  technology. It’s reminded me that I can still learn and develop and has really boosted my self esteem. I have definitely reclaimed my “you can do it” attitude.”

*Before Children

*Nikki Cochrane is co-founder of Digital Mums. If you want to reboot your digital skills and give your career confidence a boost, click here to find out more and get 10% off Digital Mum’s new Digital Retox pilot course, starting in May. Digital Mums also has three Social Media education programmes to suit women from all career backgrounds whether working full time, part-time or as a full-time mum. To find out more visit

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