Labour backs workplace menopause policies

Labour announces plan to make larger employers adopt workplace menopause policies.

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A Labour government will force all employers with over 250 employees to adopt a menopause policy, shadow women and equalities secretary Dawn Butler announced this weekend.

Under Labour’s plans, large employers with over 250 employees will be required to:

  • Provide training for line managers to be aware of how the menopause can affect working women and understand what adjustments may be necessary to support them;
  • Provide flexible working policies that cater for women experiencing the menopause;
  • Ensure absence procedures are flexible to accommodate menopause as a long-term fluctuating health condition;
  • Carry out risk assessments to consider the specific needs of menopausal women and ensure that their working environment will not make their symptoms worse.

A report by ITV, in conjunction with Wellbeing of Women, found that a quarter of those surveyed had considered leaving their jobs because of the menopause.

Butler said: “These policies are important because women are working longer than ever before -some have no choice. These policies will make a positive difference for women up and down the country.”

Several employers have developed their own menopause policies over the last years and there has been much discussion about the kind of adjustments employers could make to support women with severe symptoms, such as adaptations to uniforms and increased ventilation.

Labour has also pledged to introduce a day one right to request flexible working for all employees, compulsory publication of action plans to go alongside gender pay audits for larger employers and the reinstatement of Section 40 of the Equality Act to protect employees from third party harassment.

Understanding the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population is vital if we want to create productive, innovative and inclusive multi-generational teams as we all lead longer working lives. is a job and community site, from the people behind, specially focused on older workers looking for flexibility and improved work-life balance, and the employers who recognise what they have to offer.

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