Large numbers of parents say finances have limited the size of their family

Eighty-seven per cent of mums in a poll say financial concerns have forced them to restrict the size of their families.

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A large majority of working mums say financial concerns have restricted the size of their families, according to a poll.

Some 87% of mums said that financial concerns had limited the number of children they have, with only 13% saying they hadn’t.

One mum said: “My work recently withdrew my flexible working arrangement. As a result we have had to stop trying for a second child and look for another job.”

Another said: “I would love another child, but full-time nursery on top of holiday clubs is just too expensive.”

The latest childcare survey by Coram Family and Childcare found childcare costs have  risen by three per cent in the last year, meaning parents now pay an average of £127 per week, or over £6,600 per year, for just a part-time nursery place.
Research also shows that many working families are struggling to get by as a result of low wages and benefits and tax credit cuts.

This month sees a new change in Universal Credit which could benefit some families.  To pay back loans and debts, the maximum a Universal Credit award can be reduced by was 40 per cent of the standard allowance, but from this month this will be reduced to 30 per cent of the standard allowance. says this is good news for many, but for those who have taken an advance and won’t be able to repay it in time, there are concerns that the Department for Work and Pensions [DWP] might carry on taking deductions of more than 30% of the standard allowance. At the moment, the DWP expects advances to be paid back within 12 months.

Labour last week pledged to overhaul Universal Credit, including ending benefits sanctions and addressing the five-week waiting period which is pushing many families into arrears and forcing them to rely on food banks, according to the Trussell Trust.

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