Let’s go to Trivago

Holiday entitlement


“Can we go on holiday to Trivago?” only son asked the other day. I explained to him that Trivago is a hotel website and not an actual place. He was a bit disappointed.

On Friday a person came round to arrange a time for me to talk about only son’s health, both physical and mental. He has been chosen at random to take part in a nationwide survey.

I have used the opportunity to try and emphasise the importance of vegetables to only son. The woman said it would be about lots of things, including screen time. Only son spends a lot of time on the Youtube Just Dance and Minecraft pages where I fear Hotel Trivago is advertised. Only son told me in great detail that Minecraft is very educational. I’m afraid I drifted off after he mentioned obsidian. He finished off with something along the lines of “so Minecraft is very educational because it teaches you to avoid dropping flint and steel on the ground in case you cause a fire, mum”.   I wondered how useful this was on a day to day basis. Only son said it would be very useful if we started mining for jewels and if we did, maybe his parents could work a bit less and afford a trip to Trivago.

Only son has also been investigating summer holiday destinations that don’t involve driving long distances to visit relatives in Spain. He’s found a hotel about five minutes from our house. “It’s near Tesco, mum,” he said. Handy.

Thinking ahead to the summer seems a step too far at the moment. “Let’s just see what happens,” I find myself saying on a regular basis these days as well as spending too much time thinking about the future and reading too much social media at late hours of the night.

On the up side, daughter one is back from her exchange trip to Madrid, slightly tired and a bit depressed about going back to school. “Can we move to Spain?” she asked. “Let’s just see what happens,” I said.

I wonder how many work hours are lost to people checking the news and social media on the internet. We’ve become hooked on the next shock.

I know everyone goes on about us all living in a bubble. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a bubble, I think.

*Mum on the run is Mandy Garner, editor of Workingmums.co.uk.

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