Listening to the experts on hybrid and remote working and The Changing Work Company have launched a survey to find out what those who have done remote and hybrid working before Covid think could be done to make it work better.

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There has been a lot of talk about remote and hybrid working in the last 18 months, but, while many employers scrambled to go remote at the start of the pandemic, very little has been heard from the experts – those who were doing it before Covid hit and have a very good idea of what might help to make it work better.

So we want to find out about their experience and what they think would ensure that the two-tier system that often operates between remote and office-based workers – where those not in front of managers’ noses sometimes get forgotten or overlooked – is not worsened in the future amid all the warnings about career progression and promotion, especially for women who choose to work remotely.

In fact, in some teams remote or hybrid working has been established for some time, especially those that span different geographical regions.

In partnership with The Changing Work Company, is launching a survey to find out everything from whether homeworkers have had the technical support and equipment they need, if they are included in decision-making and get training to what they have learned about themselves from working from home.

The survey also asks how they have remained visible, if they have, whether they have missed out on important information, how they have overcome communications issues and addressed potential feelings of isolation as well as how they arrange their working day, what additional skills they need to work remotely and whether they feel valued.

Gillian Nissim, founder of, which comes under the umbrella of the WM People group, said: “ hopes that this survey will help to give remote and hybrid workers a say in a debate about ways of working from which they are often absent and in which the loudest voices tend to be senior leaders who have rarely if ever had to work in this way outside of crisis situations.”

Bridget Workman, CEO of The Changing Work Company, said: “At a time when the way people work is changing again The Changing Work Company is delighted to be supporting in this survey. We want to capture and share the knowledge and experiences of people whose voices are often not heard. People who, through their ingenuity and flexibility and often with the help of their employers, have been and are tackling the everyday challenges of home and hybrid working and making it work in practice.”

To take part, please click here.

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