Lloyds Banking Group launches its first guide on trans and non binary inclusion

Lloyd’s of London has launched a guide to trans and non binary inclusion.

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Lloyd’s of London has published its first guide on trans and non-binary inclusion.

The guide is a response to social trends with more young people choosing new ways to express their gender identity. It aims to address confusion and lack of knowledge among managers and others over how to be inclusive, for instance, regarding language, and how to make it ‘work right’ for all parties.

In a foreword to the guide, the group’s head of diversity and inclusion, Marc McKenna-Coles said: “Our approach has been not to deliver a big policy manual, because the point about a trans/non-binary individual is very often that they are individuals in every way. Their journey and their approach are likely to be unique.

“What they need are understanding and active support from their employer, their team and their colleagues. At bottom it is the kindness and humanity of approach, along with an ability to listen and be flexible on an individual basis that came across as being most important.”

The guide points out the business case for employers being inclusive with regard to transgender and non binary employees. It says that, while it is calculated that 4% of people in Europe are on the gender identity spectrum and estimates that this is likely to grow to as many as 20% by the mid-2020s as Generation Z fully join the workforce.

It says inclusion is not only motivating for non binary and transgender people, but for all workers and that a diversity of viewpoints that reflect the population as a whole is good for business.

The guide contains case studies and comments from non binary and transgender people. It says language can be a barrier as people worry about what words to use. The guide says: “It is important to know that many of the definitions are not agreed and the language structure still does not fit together perfectly. The community itself debates its own wordings and definitions, and a book on trans/non-binary language would be lengthy and very likely subject to much criticism. With this in mind keep your terminology simple and be ready to flex it over the coming years.”

It also suggests asking sensitive, discreet questions about pronouns and titles and greater awareness of the use of gendered language, looking at recruitment processes to ensure they are gender neutral, having  visible trans/non-binary role models, having an LGBT+ or Ally Network and a raft of other inclusion measures.

There is advice for line managers on everything from how to handle a “first conversation” with a trans non-binary person who is coming out and dealing with confidentiality issues to understanding what transphobia looks like and how to stamp it out. And there are suggestions for how to raise awareness among frontline staff and other employees, for instance, through lunch and learn sessions or celebrating important LGBT+ events.

Actions for HR include reviewing any unnecessarily gendered language and facilities, encouraging senior managers, line managers and HR function to learn more and take actions to make the organisation more trans/non-binary inclusive, providing training for frontline teams and demonstrating an inclusive culture by personally taking steps to show awareness, such as adding pronouns to your signature box.

The guide highlights the important role of allies, who can listen to and advocate for trans and non binary employees. It says: “Many trans/non-binary people do not have a confident voice or are too worried to speak out at all, and their allies sometimes need to be that voice on their behalf.”

It recommends that other insurance employers seek to review their policies and set up their own guidelines and consider other actions, such as holding a celebratory event, running trans and non binary inclusion training, doing reverse mentoring and maintaining momentum.

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