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Can you please recommend any legitimate home pa/typing sites?  I am a stay at home mother of two with many years experience as an administrator, financial services assistant and paraplanner and I am keen to carry out some admin, typing or PA activity from home.  I would really appreciate any guidance.  Many thanks.

You’ll feel I’m being very cagey. I only recommend particular sites if I’ve used them(I haven’t used any of the sites you’re interested in).  I’m also wary of passing on personally confidential information (eg the bank account details and NI number such organisations would need to pay you for your work) to organisations I don’t know and can’t easily visit if anything goes wrong.

It’s less stressful if you only deal with businesses that are easy to chase for money (because they own their own premises or have been at that address for years). You’ve good skills and experience to offer and employers are much more willing than they used to be to allow home-working. In your shoes, I’d work out what you’re able to offer different types of employer (eg small business, offshoot office of large employer, charities, business services consultancy, etc)and how to “pitch” to each of these categories.

I’d put together lists of the local organisations to contact in each category (I use Google for searches of this type but you could also use the local telephone directory): in addition, it’s worthwhile to contact the associations that are in contact with your target organisations (eg Chamber of Commerce). Do your best to check your own market value by reading the job ads – you may get asked how much you want to be paid and you’ll seem amateurish if you don’t put a credible price on your services.

When you contact your prospective employers / clients, explain briefly what you have to offer by ways of skills and experience and ask whether they’re likely to need “temp” help at any time over the next 2 years. Your aim is to keep in a foot in the door of any business likely to take on staff.  If the employer asks you to send in your CV, do so; however, make a habit of staying in touch once every couple of months with any organisation that expresses some interest in employing you.  I suggest you don’t explain that you want to work from home until you get a nibble from the potential employer.

Good luck!

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