Looking to move out of teaching

I have been an English Teacher in secondary schools for over 10 years. I am looking to move out of classroom teaching, but am unsure of where to look for information and advice. I have two young children and a mortgage, so need to earn somewhere near what I am earning as a teacher. I would like to stay in the education sector, but am unsure of where to look for jobs. Are the main job-sites the best place to look for this kind of vacancy, or is there somewhere else? I am also terrified of making this leap, but the job is now unsustainable for me.

As a coach I am sure you already know most of the answers to your questions, but as you stated you are terrified and while in this state of mind you are not going to be able to think clearly.
So the first thing you need to do is stop, take a breath and remember you are in control every step of the way.  Then with a pen and paper brain storm what it is you really want, every detail, what you want to be earning, the hours, the sector etc, even a bit of blue sky thinking, get creative. Then make a list of where you can find out further information, who can you talk to? Who do you know who can help and support you? Set yourself some actions and time scales.
Once you have connected to your resourceful self you will be successful in achieving your goal. Good luck .

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