Looking for term-time work

I am really struggling to find any suitable work for myself I have three boys and live in the South West. As a single mother, ideally term time would suit me, but it seems there is nothing out there. Please can you advise me. I have an NNEB, HLTA, SEN experience and YOT experience. I have worked with social services and children and young people aged six weeks to 21 years old.


After a bit of Googling, I’ve come up with the following assumptions – please forgive me if I’ve got any wrong!

NNEB – Diploma in nursery nursing

HLTA – Higher level teaching assistant

SEN – Children with special educational needs

YOT – Youth offending team

I think you have built up an impressive set of marketable skills and you just need to find the right position. I think getting a position within a school is probably top of your list.

I find the Eteach website is useful: it specialises in positions in schools so there may be something on there and you can sign up for email alerts to notify you when jobs become available in your location. Also Indeed has a useful list of jobs (and an email alert system), as well as the Job Centre’s Universal Jobsmatch website.

Have you spoken to any of the educational agencies? I know the likes of Randstad Education, ITN Mark Education and Capita Education all have a presence in Bristol and they may need someone with your skills and experience for their clients.

Is there any way you could use your skills and work for yourself? I know the world of childminding changes quite frequently, and childminders are desperately needed. Could this be another option? You could possibly have a slightly reduced service during the school hols and have your children with you too? Have you considered this?

I’m not sure how recent your experience on your CV is. Is this proving to be a problem? Are there any opportunities to get some recent experience on your CV? Could you perhaps look to volunteer at your children’s school? I know that some schools ask parents to volunteer to come in and read to children. That could be something you could do to build recent experience. Are there any other opportunities?

If you are getting interviews and not getting the job, my advice would be to ask for feedback to find out what you might do better next time. Most organisations use behavioural/competency/values based interviewing that can be best answered using the S.T.A.R. approach, whereby you explain what the problem was (Situation), what you needed to do (Task), what actions you took to fix the problem (Actions) and what you succeeded in doing (Result).

Thinking outside your area of expertise, I know that a lot of public sector organisations offer term-time working, so maybe also check the Civil Service Jobs Website or NHS Jobs Website to see if there is anything that may be outside of your direct area of expertise, but could offer a position that could use your transferable skills. Of course, your ideal job may also be on Working Mums Website :0)

I hope you find something suitable soon. Take care!

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