Majority of young feel female employees are not better off than their grandmothers

Young People


Only 42% of young British people feel women have more opportunities within the workplace now than generations before them, according to a new survey.

The Onepoll survey of 2,000 people by Freedom Finance found that just over a third of Millennials feel women have more opportunities within the workplace that their grandmothers did 50 years ago.

Moreover, only 38% of Gen X and 46% of Baby Boomers believe young British women have more opportunities within the workplace than they did. This is despite official figures showing  a steady increase of women in the labour market over the decades. However, reports of disparities between the genders in senior roles and among entrepreneurs has left  people feeling that little has improved for women.

The findings reveal that 42% of female workers feel some level of concern over the security of their current roles. Among Millennials generally only 23% admitted they feel ‘completely safe’ within their current roles.

The report also looks at perceptions regionally about women’s opportunities at work. The East Midlands is the most optimistic, while less than a third of people in the North East believe women are better off than their grandmothers.

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