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I work for a local government and have two young children. I’ve worked in my current role for four years. My contract states that I’m entitled to flexible working, but when I first joined the team my manager informed me that they needed staff in the office from 9am to 5pm. I never disputed this. However, due to childcare issues [school drop-off] I have been coming in to the office after 9am usually between 9.10 and 9.20am. I’ve been doing this for around three years now with no problem and make up my hours and much more. Recently in supervision my manager raised timekeeping with me and said I must be in at 9am I explained due to childcare I’m unable to come in for 9am, but my manager stated that this is the time I must come in and on the off chance I’m late I must ring in. My flexi working allows me to start between 8am – 10am. Although I’ve not used flexi, my manager’s boss, who starts at 9.30 due to childcare, stated we could use flexi. My question is can my manager ask me to come in at 9am even though I have childcare issues and the office is covered?

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Your should go back to your manager and have another chat. You should explain that in your contract it says you can work flexi time (usually under core hours – when you must be in the office). I would explain that, as it has been going on for so long it is really an implied term, as well as it being backed up by her contract.

If that doesn’t work, you should try speaking to HR and get in a formal flexible working request or grievance.


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