Mayor of London publishes gender pay statistics

London Fire Brigade


The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan called the pay gap between men and women ‘unacceptable’ as he published full gender pay details of all organisations in the Greater London Authority (GLA) – including Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police and the London Fire Brigade.

The Mayor said: “Clearly we all need to do much more to put our own houses in order. I am determined to lead by example.” He is asking all GLA group organisations to publish action plans to address the pay gap.

The figures for full-time workers show the worst gender pay gap is in the London Legacy Development Corporation where women earn on average £21.28 per hour compared to men who earn £32.79 per hour. Transport for London has a 19.2 per cent pay gap, the Metropolitan Police Service has an 11.6 per cent gap. The Greater London Authority has a 4.6 per cent pay gap whereas there is no gender pay gap  in the London Fire Brigade. This compares to the national pay gap of 9.4 per cent for full timers and an 11.9 per cent gap in London.

Sadiq Khan added: “Clearly we all need to do much more to put our own houses in order. I am determined to lead by example and I hope businesses across the capital will follow suit as we strive to create a fairer society for all.”

Chief Executive of The Fawcett Society, Sam Smethers, said: “The Mayor is setting the pace on closing the pay gap across the capital and that is to be welcomed. He also has the power to influence what other employers do and drive home the message that gender pay gap reporting is coming.

“But reporting the gap is the first step. We need to focus on an action plan to close it and we look forward to working with the Mayor’s team to make this a reality.”

The Mayor’s plans to boost female representation at the most senior levels at City Hall include increasing the availability of part-time and flexible working options and aiding career progression within those roles. City Hall also offers mentoring, career-support programmes and sponsorship for qualifications. It is training managers to ensure the recruitment process is as fair as possible and piloting ‘no name’ application forms.



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