Meet the Workingmums team: Yvonne Lim, Financial Controller

Yvonne Lim, Workingmums' Financial Controller, talks about her role and working remotely. was set up in 2006 by Gillian Nissim to act as a bridge between professionals looking for flexible new jobs and employers looking to attract an experienced, talented pool of candidates. Since then it has grown to be the number one jobs and community site for professional working mothers. It has over 320,000 registered users and works with thousands of employers. It also now offers advice, support and inspiration to those looking to set up their own businesses and franchises. is a fully flexible employer. It operates as a virtual business so everyone in it works remotely and with various degrees of other flexibility. We wanted to give you an inside view of how it works and who the people are behind the website. This week we have Financial Controller Yvonne Lim.

What do you do at Workingmums?

I’m the Financial Controller so I deal with anything connected with finance, from raising invoices and preparing the management accounts to reviewing the year end accounts.

What's the best thing about your job?

Definitely the flexibility. As long as I’m around to answer queries or turn any information requests around, I can work very flexibly, although I do tend to work to my set hours and more during busier times of the month! 

How long have you worked there?

Since December 2010.

What motivated you to apply to Workingmums?

The ethos of the company and why it was set up originally applied to my personal situation, the role also matched my skillset and at the time I was living about 10 minutes away from where my initial training/handover took place.

What did you do before?

I’ve always been an accountant, working in various businesses and industries, from owner-managed companies to major PLCs.  

Workingmums is a virtual business. What’s the best thing about homeworking? And the worst?

The best: no commuting and having to buy/wear business attire.

The worst: having to be disciplined about not doing any housework (quite easy for me!) and taking in the neighbours parcels as they’re all out working!

What are your top tips for homeworkers?

Try to have a clear start and switch off time.

Keep you work things separately so that they can be put away when you’re not working.

Where's your desk?

One end of the dining room table.

What does it look like?

Rectangle, 4 legs : ) ….. seriously though, I only have a laptop, a work notepad, a pen, blackberry and a large calculator with me when I work. I try to be as paper free as possible.

How do you stay in touch with colleagues?

By phone and email.

Do you take a lunch break?

No, I tend to work through lunch as I don’t work full days.

How often do you see your colleagues?

Not very often, but I saw them all last week at the Christmas party.

How do you avoid isolation?

I don’t really feel isolated as my part-time hours allow me to get out and about if I need to and I see plenty of people on the school run.

What’s your daily routine?

I don’t really have one, apart from the school runs.

What are your hobbies [if you have time]?

I try and go to a weekly zumba class.

How do you balance work and family life?

Working part time helps.

Can you imagine doing an office job in the future?

Only if it was very flexible & local, but I do like homeworking and feel very fortunate to be in this position.



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