Millennials put career development ahead of salary

Ambitious Millennial workers (18 to 31 year olds) are seeking more than money from their employers as almost two thirds are looking to leave their jobs for reasons other than salary, a new study of over 5,000 workers has revealed.

The research, by online career portal Jobsite, found that 38% of Millennials would be prepared to leave their job due to to a lack of development opportunities, while almost a third (32%) have chosen one organisation over another based soley on its professional development scheme.

Some 55% of Millennials have a career plan in place that they actively want to progress and 94% state their career path is a priority for them. The survey shows twice as many Millennials as non-Millennials have a workplace mentor and 38% cite lack of development as being the biggest reason for changing jobs. Some 87% of Millennials believe they get along with their manager.

Sophie Relf, Marketing Director of Jobsite, said: “The attitude of Millennial workers is very different to what people might expect. With 23% planning to work for as long as they physically can, they are looking for more and more from their employers. With our help and advice, we want to equip Millennials with the skills they need to secure their perfect job and help businesses to adapt and not underestimate the needs of this important generation of workers.”


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