Millennials ‘shunning blue collar jobs’

Employees under 30 are shunning blue collar jobs in sectors such as construction and transport in favour of creative jobs and those in finance, according to a new report.

The report by the Indeed Hiring Lab, looks at the differences and similarities in job search behaviour between Baby Boomers (aged 51-70), Gen Xers (aged 31-50) and Millennials (aged 21-30). It says that while the workforce is currently divided almost evenly between the three generations, Millennials are predicted to make up 50% of the global workforce by 2020.

The report shows the majority of Millennials search for jobs on a mobile device and are most interested in a career in Office or Administrative Support, while there is less demand for jobs such as Healthcare Practitioners. Their top search query is ‘bank’, but Indeed says wider industry trends pointing to Millennial disillusionment with the banking sector suggest that this interest may be in a technology or support capacity rather than working as an investment banker.

Some 75% of Generation X-ers search for jobs on the move. Indeed says they have been honing their leadership and tech skills, reflected in their top search term of management. It says: “This may suggest that the level and type of role is more important to them at this stage of their career, than the industry in which they work.”

Jobs in the Computing and Mathematical field, as well as Architecture and Engineering also feature in their top search terms.

Just 51% of Baby Boomers use mobile devices to search for jobs. They plan to stay in their jobs longer than previous generations did, says Indeed, which is reflected in their interest in part-time jobs. They show more interest in ‘blue collar’ jobs, with “Driver” and “Warehouse” appearing in their top search terms. The industries that attract most interest from this group are Installation, Maintenance and Repair, Building and Construction.

“The varying level of interest in specific sectors must be considered against the backdrop of the types of jobs that employers are offering.  There are many more Millennials looking for jobs in business and finance compared to Baby Boomers, far outstripping current opportunity in this sector. On the other hand, we can expect to see skills shortages in trade professions, with interest dropping steadily down the generations,” says Tara Sinclair, chief economist at Indeed.

“Governments are generally forced to be reactive to employment trends. However, developing a full picture of the generational landscape in this way helps us to understand and forecast potential skills gaps and shortages. This insight is invaluable for employers, who can begin to adopt strategies to navigate through these shifts. For example, it may be that they should consider their recruitment strategy with a view to tapping into potential pockets of talent in other markets – our research showed that 9% of job seekers across the world are already searching for jobs in another country.”


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