Mother and daughter bonding

A mother and daughter bonding weekend could turn out to be more of a coughing fest.

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I’ve been stockpiling stuff, mainly pasta and porridge. I’m pretty sure it’s pointless, but it makes me feel like I’m doing something instead of just endlessly waiting. Waiting for Brexit. Or No Brexit…This uncertainty and arguing will be the backdrop to our children’s lives – they are the Brexit Generation, and not through their own choosing.

In addition to stockpiling pasta and porridge, I’m also thinking of investing in seeds. As a parent, it pays to be prepared for all eventualities. In any event, you can never have too much pasta and porridge in a house full of teenagers and an eight year old on a growth spurt.

Only son ordered chips for the afternoon lap of the school run this morning. He is upping the ante with regard to his school run preparations. He now takes a duvet, a pillow, slippers, a dressing gown and two teddy bears, plus a phone for playing games and two chargers. One day soon the entire contents of the house will be in the car. After I pick him up I have two further stops to pick up daughters two and three so he likes to be both comfortable and entertained.

He has been very kind though. I have been suffering from a horrible cough all week and only son has shared the duvet with me, plus he sits prepped with a bottle of water should I start coughing en route.

I have had so much water in the past week, just to get through interviews, that I feel like I have swallowed an entire lake and tributaries. I’ve even taken to drinking tea, which I don’t even like.

Daughter one is in a similar cold-afflicted position and soldiering on. We are both due to go away for the weekend together at an unreasonably early time on Saturday morning. We may need to prop each other up. It was going to be a mother and daughter bonding time, but it may be just one long series of coughing and sneezing. But who better to share a weekend of coughing with than a fellow sufferer who fully empathises with your situation? When she leaves home next year, daughter one will have this spluttering bonding experience to look back on.

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