Mothers & Daughters Creative Writing Workshop


Sun 17 September 2017, London

14:30 – 17:30 BST

An exciting opportunity to bond with your mother/daughter through creative writing. Its aim is to creatively use words for self-expression and healing in a society that doesn’t encourage openness and self-expression.

Throughout the workshop, there will be fun writing exercises that both mothers and daughters will do in their pairs – the exciting part is the different types of languages each exercise will bring out in the pairs due to a difference in age, articulation and experience.

There is no age restriction but a basic understanding of reading and writing English is essential.

This will be 1 of 5 workshops which will be spread out over the next few months as it’s not feasible to have it back to back for five weeks however, there will be five in total. Each will get more in depth and bring out the inner creative yearning to come out!

We’re looking forward to having you there – spaces are limited so be sure to sign up soon!

Each ticket = 2 people (mother & daughter).

Click here to get tickets.

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