Mother’s Day on the day the clocks go forward…

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The fact that Mother’s Day coincided with the clocks going forward was unfortunate. Even though I had specified very clearly that a lie-in occupied all five places of my top five things to do on Mother’s Day, things did not begin well. Only son came into our bed in the night as he wasn’t feeling well. It was partly a cold and partly a sore tummy caused by sleepover-itis [a combo of popcorn, fizzy water and overexcitement].

By 8am he was awake. As 8am was really 7am this was not what I would class as a lie-in. “Do you want breakfast, mum?” he asked. “I love you.” I suggested he read a book for 20 minutes or draw a picture of his sleeping mother. He stayed quiet for around 10 minutes. “How many seconds are there in 20 minutes, mum?” He proceeded to do the multiplication necessary.  By 8.30am it was clear a lie-in was not on the cards. I suggested a back massage as long as I could keep my eyes closed. Only son was very excited. He ran to the bathroom and returned with various creams, mostly daughter three’s, and a candyfloss face mask. Bring it on, I said. The more creams the better. It meant I could stay lying down for longer even though they were very cold.

By 9am [8am] only son had covered all of my arms, back, neck and face in creams. I smelt like a bowl of roses and cream. After a bit of Andrew Marr, who was difficult to see through a film of body butter, my partner, who had also not slept well, took only son downstairs to make breakfast. He came back around 320 seconds later with a tray, several plastic flowers and a bowl of cereal. My partner brought some cereal for only son and we sat and watched Deadtime Stories, the episode with Giggles the Clown which we have seen many, many times before. Daughter three came in with a bath bomb which said Mum on it. “Do you want to have a bath now, mum?” asked only son. “Not really,” I said. “I’ve got to iron the school uniforms.” Suddenly, ironing seemed rather attractive.

“Why isn’t there a sisters’ day?” mused only son. I looked at daughter three lying across our bed and thought of daughters one and two who would probably be cosied up in their beds until around noon. I am thinking that I might threaten them with a sisters’ day some time soon, once I’ve stocked up on some candyfloss face mask.

*Mum on the run is Mandy Garner, editor of

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