Moving to full-time hours: ask the expert

I work part-time hours – 30 hours a week and my employers are making redundancies and say that if I want another job in the company I would have to work 37.5 hours per week.  Would the company have to pay me the full time equivalent even though it’s more than the other person already doing the job?

If there are redundancies within the organisation, then your employer has a duty to offer you any suitable alternative employment that is available. Suitable alternative employment is work that is similar in terms of hours, pay and job content. It appears that the offer of a full-time role does not amount to suitable alternative employment and therefore you should be entitled to redundancy pay, if you decide not to accept it. However, you can accept the full-time role. Whilst it may not be the same salary that you are currently receiving, it can be lower subject to the role, particularly if the role is junior to the one that you are currently undertaking.

My recommendation is that you seek to find out more about the full-time role and the amount that employees currently undertaking that role on a full-time basis receive in terms of salary and benefits.

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