Mums back workplace nurseries

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A majority of working mums say that the presence of a workplace nursery has a significant impact on their decision on where to work, according to a poll by
The poll of around 150 parents was sponsored by Bright Horizons. Some 65% of working mums said having a workplace nursery would have a significant impact on their decision on whether to work for a company, compared to 33% who said it would have no impact. Two per cent said their current employer has a workplace nursery.
Bright Horizons is a leading provider of workplace nurseries for many corporate and public sector clients.

A number of workplace nurseries have been closed in recent years as companies seek to make cutbacks.

Nevertheless, proponents say they have many advantages, including helping to recruit and retain talented staff. Unlike childcare vouchers, they don’t affect tax credits and they mean staff don’t have to make their own childcare arrangements. They also mean parents can be on hand if their child is ill or has any other problems. And they can be vital for parents working long and untypical hours, who might have difficulties finding alternative childcare.

However, experts say they don’t suit everyone, particularly those in big cities who might not fancy commuting into work with a young child.

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