Mums split on frontloading child benefit

Working mums are evenly divided over whether they are in favour frontloading child benefit in the early years, according to a poll.

A document leaked to the Guardian newspaper recently suggested it was looking at giving mums more child benefit in the early years of their children’s lives as a way of “wooing” women voters.

The poll of nearly 300 mums shows 33% would support the move, while 35% say they are against. Around a quarter of mums are unsure.

One mum said: “Front loading would help to pay for expensive childcare while mothers were working. A combination of family help and childcare has meant that I’ve been able to get back to work six months after both of my children were born. I enjoy my job and want to work.

I wouldn’t have been able to do so if it were not for my mother-in-law helping out with the childcare two days a week.

Until children go to school potential childcare costs can be astronomical if you are looking at a full week and/or have more than one child, it must certainly mean that some women who aren’t able to change their hours / work part time have to give up their jobs.”

Another, however, said such a move would only encourage people to have more children when they couldn’t properly afford it.

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