Navigating parenthood and career: finding my Kadence

Helen Attia from Kadence talks about how the company is trying to make it easier for people to work the rhythms that suit them the best, supporting not just the where of work, but the when.

Calendar and clock


As a working parent, life can be unpredictable – to say the least.

Balancing the needs of my children with professional responsibilities requires a lot of flexibility. It also requires a supportive environment that acknowledges the challenges faced by working parents.

For me, the essence of flexibility lies in the “when” of work. It’s about being able to adapt to the ever-changing rhythms of parenthood. That could include attending a school event, caring for a sick child, or just being there when really needed.

This understanding of flexible work is what drives us at Kadence. We’re not just advocating for such adaptability; we’re embedding it into our technology.

What is Kadence?

Kadence is a Hybrid Operating Platform that helps you coordinate with your teammates’ schedules. With flexible desk booking, room booking and team scheduling, it empowers working parents to get their best work done where and when it makes most sense for them.

Our mission is to help employees in hybrid organisations “find their Kadence” — the unique rhythm of work that serves them, their colleagues and their employer.

Embracing the unpredictable

Parenting is filled with unexpected moments. Traditional 9-to-5 work structures often don’t account for the school runs, the sudden fever, or those days when everyone needs something different, all at precisely the same moment (usually right before a call you’ve been preparing for for weeks!).

That’s where Kadence comes in. Our platform recognises that work isn’t just a place you go to. It’s an activity that must weave as much as possible into the fabric of your life.

Here’s how our platform accommodates the reality of being a working parent:

  1. Flexible Desk and Room Booking: Kadence simplifies workspace management by allowing parents to book desks and rooms as needed. This flexibility ensures they can find space in offices or co-working spaces on days they choose to come in, aligning with their family schedules and reducing stress about where they will work.
  2. Team Scheduling: Kadence facilitates team coordination by allowing groups to set up regular in-office days that fit everyone’s schedule. This ensures team members can collaborate in person efficiently, supporting both work-life balance and productivity.
  3. Trust and Autonomy-Based Approach: Kadence helps build a culture of trust, granting employees the autonomy to manage their work schedules. This approach empowers parents to integrate their work commitments with their family life seamlessly, fostering a supportive and understanding work environment.

Finding your Kadence

My own journey with Kadence has shown me time and time again that being the parent you want to be and having a meaningful career is a real possibility.

It’s not easy, but with the right technology and work culture, developing professionally and flourishing as a person and family member can go hand in hand. Whether that’s knowing that my team is in sync with the ebb and flow of my personal commitments, or being able to complete certain work tasks outside of conventional working hours, I finally feel like I’ve got a strong platform on which to build for the future.

Now, I’m committed to helping other parents find their rhythm of life — a life that includes both personal and professional.

Work and life are not separate things — they’re part of the same whole.

The more we realise that, the more our teams and parents will flourish.

*Helen Attia is VP People and Partnerships at Kadence.

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