New mums lose three old friends on average

Almost three quarters of new mums lose touch with at least three old friendships once they have children.

The study of 2,000 mums commissioned by Philips AVENT found 74% reckon having a baby affected their friendships, with 72% completely losing touch with some of their friends.

Even those who continued to meet up with their childless friends struggled to find common ground again, with 48% admitting they found it hard to find things to talk about.

But, while 58% of women who have recently had a baby blamed the lack of contact on being too busy to socialise, 43% said their old friends just didn’t realise how their priorities had changed.

Some 62% of women admitted to feeling lonely after having a baby, while another 38% admitted they were too scared to go to mother and baby groups and almost a quarter had no idea where to go to meet other mums.

While they might lose touch with some old friends, the study also revealed that new mums can expect to make four new friends after meeting them at antenatal classes, mother and baby groups and even just chatting to them at the park.

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