New resource from Families Magazine helps parents with the demands of lockdown

Families magazine introduce us to their new digital magazine ‘surviving lockdown’.

Families Magazine Infographic about digital edition


It’s not great fun when your home turns into a school, workplace and entertainment hub – all at the same time! But this is the situation faced by many parents right now.

Two months ago, the team here at Families magazine had just published the March/April print issue which nearly a million people across the UK were about to rely on to plan their weekends and Easter holiday activities, as well as for tips and advice on education and parenting. Then, Covid-19 took hold.

Faced with the inability to publish our next issue in print, we thought quickly about how we could best help our readers and came up with the idea of a digital “surviving lockdown” issue. Instead of focusing on what families could enjoy outside of the home, we decided to focus on how they could best manage challenging times inside.

Parents were frantically juggling even more than usual, supporting their children to learn at home, setting themselves up to work remotely and going slightly mad not being able to escape the house!

At the same time, the digital world was going crazy with Facebook groups springing up overnight to support parents in lockdown. But after a week or so of lockdown, my parent friends and colleagues told me they’d stopped paying attention to the Facebook groups and the school WhatsApp feed – it was quite simply all too overwhelming; there were too many options, too many recommendations, and it took too long to find the gems amongst the dross.

So with the “surviving lockdown” issue we set out to research, curate and present the best ideas out there, all in one 20 page space – a one stop shop for parents with hardly a second left in the day. With this in mind, the magazine covers home learning resources, pre-school play ideas, art and craft activities, games and entertainment ideas, health and wellbeing options, virtual zoo and space tours, colouring downloadables – as well as the chance to win £100 Amazon vouchers at a time when cash is tight for many.

We hope it reflects the maelstrom that is home life for many families right now, and helps assist with the struggle to balance education, work, parenting, entertainment, health and wellbeing.

Think of it like this, every time there’s a gear change at home, you can just turn the page of your digital magazine and there will be something appropriate to guide you!
The magazine has had amazing feedback from parents, local councillors, schools, nurseries and many, many businesses looking to support their workers through this period. Our goal now is to make sure that as many parents as possible are able to read it.

You can find the “surviving lockdown” magazine for your region HERE or email if you can’t see one for your area.

If you like it, please do share it with your network and sign up to receive the next digital issue direct to your inbox!

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