New shared parenting website launches 

A new website has launched to promote debate around shared parenting.

A new website has launched to promote debate around shared parenting. has been launched by Duncan Fisher, co-founder of the Fatherhood Institute, and Jesz Garrett, National Practice Development Manager at The Fatherhood Institute. It aims to be a joint conversation about parenting, backed by the world’s leading thinkers and writers on parenting together.

In his opening blog, Duncan Fisher says current discussions around parenting, which emphasise the role of the mother as prime carer, tend to leave everyone feeling divided. He wants to create a space where mums and dads can talk about parenting together. He says: "Mums talk to mums, dads talk to dads (well, a little bit anyway, and only if they are separated). I just think this is crazy. And boring – because it never quite explains what I see actually happening around me."

Fisher runs a workplace seminar or webinar called The Domestic Contract where participants discuss who does what at home, how they are influenced by stereotypes and the impact on careers. His last webinar attracted 350 participants. He says: "The feedback on these events is always extremely positive – the topic is fascinating, it is important to how people feel and many participants say they have never seen a discussion about it anywhere else." [Fisher's emphasis]

Fisher questions why, for instance, the debate about childcare always assumes the money is paid out of the mum's earnings arther than being a a joint endeavour. And he takes to task stereotyping about men's ability to multi-task, callling it a myth that justifies the status quo "as a biological inevitability". "The idea suits a lot of people, but that does not make it right. The idea that the world was flat also suited a lot of people," he states.

He is interested too in how shared parenting affects children's development. 

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