New web app for divorcing or separating families

A new web app aims to help couples who are going through separation or divorce.

Help and Support for Separated Families has been developed by a cross Government group working with the community and voluntary sector. On the advice of the voluntary and community sector, a web app entitled ‘Sorting Out Separation’ has been created to provide advice, support and essential information to those who are going through a separation or divorce. It covers everything from work and benefits to finance, housing, parenting and legal issues.

Separation issues affect almost everyone within the UK and the cross Government group says the statistics show that the vast majority of the UK would benefit from additional advice and support. There are currently  2.5 million  separated / separating families with children in the UK and there are estimated to be 300,000   newly separated families every year who have children. Some two million parents in the UK are single parents and 26% of all UK households are classed as single parent families.

However, research shows 52%  of parents find it hard to access the help and support they need during their separation process and 39% didn’t access any professional support when they separated from their partners, of whom 25% said it was because they couldn’t find the right help or support, or felt embarrassed. Of those parents who did seek professional help, 27% of them felt they received conflicting advice

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