New year, new survey

What motivates you to work and what would you do in an ideal world? Take part in a survey compiled by Working Mums’ childcare expert Dr Amanda Gummer.

Do you work to have more money to spend on your family or because you have to? Are you the main provider in your household or do you provide less than 10% of your family income? What financial gain do you get from working?
Working Mums’ childcare expert and psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer is conducting research into how working mums spend their hard-earned cash, what motivates them to work and what they would do in an ideal world if finances were not an issue. We are hosting the survey on our site and will feed back the results once they are compiled. They will be used for Dr Gummer’s work for her company FUNdamentals.
Dr. Amanda Gummer is the founder of FUNdamentals, which helps companies and individuals understand the needs of families and children and turn that understanding into effective practices.
Click here to take part. Please choose the most relevant answer per question.

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