The house has been turned into a centre of entrepreneurial activity, by small people.

Our home has become a hive of journalistic activity. Rebel daughter is making a Moshi Monsters newsletter which has taken her days. It looks great and must be the most detailed account of Moshi Monster life in history. I will, no doubt, have to read it soon as she keeps asking me to quiz her about Moshi Monsters and I know nada. It is a world which has somehow passed me by, except for the fact she mentioned the other day that if she pays something or other she can have extra moshlings. I explained to her why there was absolutely no need to have extra moshlings and that the ones she had needed a lot of tender care. Stick with them, I suggested, and they will repay your loyalty.

She has also inspired her sisters. Bonkers daughter has planned a magazine on Cheryl Cole [first half] and lots of quizzes [second half]. She plans to give away one of her toys [no doubt a manky one] as a prize for the general knowledge quiz about Cheryl. She says she wants me to photocopy the magazine and she will give it away free in the streets. Big girl daughter is also doing a newsletter on Hannah Montana. She got a Hannah Montana magazine at the weekend because she wanted the purse on the cover and has entered the drawing competition. Unfortunately, all the other entries are by 12 year olds and look quite like Hannah. Hers is orange and round. She expects to win.
In the meantime, in my spare time between answering media calls about the army single mum case [the main thrust of which seem to be that working mums – of course, it is only the mums – may be asking for too much from employers by having the odd day off when their child is ill or going home on time or, worse, hogging the summer holidays in August so only they can have fun paying exorbitant travel costs], I am, naturally, considering setting up a school. That would be in between juggling four children and two jobs. I was a school governor a while ago and we had spare places galore there and that was only a two-weekly two-hour meeting. Even at the current school in a leafy village, instead of an inner city area where parents have more to worry about than understanding education speak, when they put out a plea for governors only two people came forward. Still, I guess there will be some parents out there with time on their hands and some good ideas. I just can’t see it helping the majority somehow, though.

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