NHS England to review gender pay issues

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The NHS in England is to review how much it pays male and female doctors in an effort to eliminate a gender pay gap of 15%.

Professor Jane Dacre, president of the Royal College of Physicians, is to lead the review into why male doctors get an average of £67,788 in basic pay, while female doctors get £57,569.

“Over 50% of medical school entrants are women and we owe it to them and their future commitment to the NHS to ensure they are treated fairly,” she said.

The NHS has an overall gender pay gap of 23%.  Jeremy Hunt, the health and social care secretary in England, said it is unacceptable that staff still faced gender inequality.

The review, which is due to last until the end of 2018, will look at issues including:

  • working patterns and their impact on those in the medical profession
  • impact of motherhood on careers and progression
  • care arrangements and their affordability, and issues around being a carer
  • access to flexible working
  • shared parental leave, identify factors that are resulting in a slow uptake
  • the predominance of men in senior roles
  • the impact of rewards payments
  • geographical issues.

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