NHS leaders call for collaborative, inclusive approach

A new report on NHS leaders emphasises collaborative working across boundaries and a diverse, inclusive culture.

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New NHS chief executives are calling for a different approach to leadership development, diversity and supporting leaders to change the culture of the organisation.

A report from the NHS Confederation outlines the views of new NHS chief executives on the changes in leadership approach and culture needed to meet the goals of the Government’s Interim NHS Plan which places an emphasis on flexible working and attracting back women returners.

Central to this different leadership approach is collaborative working across traditional boundaries and with a range of local partners.

The nine NHS trust chief executives recognise the need to be both leaders of their own organisations as well as contributors to the local health economy.  They want to see a different approach to identifying and supporting leaders and recognise the need for proactive talent management to secure the next generation of leaders, with the right skills, mind-sets and from diverse backgrounds. They say this should include providing opportunities for leaders to work across different organisations.

They want to see more support when things go wrong and a commitment to make sure that chief executives are not forced out when they are doing a difficult and challenging job – with leaders given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

They also place a strong emphasis on developing inclusive cultures and organisations and recognise the strong link that exist between inclusive and diverse working environments and better outcomes for patients and staff.

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