Nine days to go

Will we make it to the end of term?

The trouble with working part time is, as many women know, that you end up working on the days you should not be working. If you are doing two part-time jobs, you often end up trying to fit in work for the other job on the days you are not doing the first job or, worse, the weekend. This means basically squeezing extra work into your day, either at dawn or at dusk. It is not good and especially not good if you are pregnant.
In December, everyone seems to think they can squeeze just that little bit more out of you because the whole place is going to shut down imminently. But on top of this you have all the Christmas shennanigans to contend with and, if you have the marvellous good fortune to be a temporary worker, you don’t get much holiday while everyone around you seems to be ‘out of office’, plus you feel perversely guilty taking time off when you are only around two or so days a week.

And just when you think you are approaching the final hurdle the weather conspires to make things just that little bit more difficult for the morning run by freezing everything in sight and then threatening to snow on the one day you have to be two hours away up a motorway. Inevitably, there is also some sort of lurgy lurking in the corridors of the school which means that all small people feel not only overexcited about Christmas [nine days to go!], but sick, sore throaty and generally exhausted.
I had hoped the morning sickness thing was going to be confined to the first three months, but no such luck. I have felt sick a lot this week and I think it is basically because there is just too much to do at this time of year.
Yesterday the Government, in its wisdom, decided to bring out an important White Paper at 5pm. Also known as dinner time. In the old days, everything was timed for the papers, but nowadays I think those in power are more interested in the evening tv news and they know the internet is 24/7. It means we all have to be that bit more flexible and, as you know, flexible is my middle name. Need someone to write something at 2am, I’m your person. Just for one week or even one day, though, I would like to be utterly rigid and refuse point blank to work when I am not scheduled to work or even take a whole entire day off.

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