Nine Steps to being more effective at work and home

It can be difficult balancing work and home, never mind getting enough time for yourself. Pick two or three of the tips below (the ones that appeal to you most) and see what a difference they can make to your work, your life and your wellbeing.

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1. Define success in every area of your life

Work, relationships, family, hobbies etc – this will give you clarity as to what your priorities are. You will always have hundreds of little things to do but it is focusing on your priorities which will make the biggest difference to how effective you are.

2. Create time

If you never have enough time apply the DRAG exercise ruthlessly to your daily tasks ( D = Do it now; R = Review it as it might need some more thought; A = Assign it to someone else, G = Get Rid of it).

3. Be flexible at work

If you have to take time off to look after the children or you have to leave early, be willing to make up some of the hours another time or do some work at home if you can. If you show a willingness to give back this will buy you the goodwill of your manager and your peers.

4. Stick to your commitments

Be firm but polite. If you need to leave at 5pm and you are due to be in a meeting, let the meeting organiser know before the meeting and not with five minutes to go.

5. Separate work and home where possible

When you are at work focus on the job, enjoy being an adult and not just someone’s Mum. When you are at home, try and switch off from work and relax.

6. Set some rules

Whether you work at home or away from it, it is good to set some rules to give you some structure and make you feel more in control. For example: I will take a lunchbreak everyday, I will not do the housework during the hours of 9am to 5pm if I am working from home.

7. Communicate

Whether it is talking to your partner / best friend about things that are challenging you, or talking to your boss about your job, make sure you communicate. If you don’t tell people what you are thinking or feeling, they won’t know and they won’t be able to help you.

8. Invest in yourself

When you are balancing work and your home commitments it is easy to forget about yourself. But investing in a little time for yourself, whether in your social life, exercising or just time to think, will regenerate you and everyone around you will benefit.

9. Choose your attitude

Be positive, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it.

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