No chocolate at Halloween

Big girl daughter is counting the days till Halloween, but she will refuse any chocolates. Apparently they are not real sweeties.

What a day and, of course, it began with choir, which, of course, we were late for. This was because I overslept, had too much to do and bonkers daughter did a very good "I am sick" act, which did not convince her dad at all, who was the person down to have to look after her if she was ill. This left me with the job of getting her to school. She lined up with the biggest hangdog expression on her face you have ever seen. She virtually dragged herself into school. I thought it would be minutes before I got the phone call. Meanwhile, rebel daughter and big girl daughter claimed to have tummy aches.

The Festival I am working on has started and so it was a day of much activity. Mainly dealing with last minute hitches and there are a lot of potential hitches in a festival with over 150 events! I somehow got through the day and attended one of the sessions, which, unfortunately, was probably the least well attended event that there will be. I am having a bit of a spate of these at the moment. Then I hobbled home to the strains of Michael Jackson at around 8.10pm to be greeted by all three girls still up and half dressed, with uniforms strewn around the living room. I was presented with a picture of a pumpkin by big girl daughter who demanded to know what I had brought her from the festival. I think she thinks it is some kind of party. She was not best pleased when I said "love" and had a bit of a meltdown. I think she was tired. We read some stories and had a detailed discussion about Halloween. She is very adamant that she doesn’t want chocolates when she trick or treats. Only sweeties will do. Bonkers daughter piped up: "But you have to respect what people give you." There has obviously been some sort of respect lecture in assembly. Meanwhile rebel daughter wants to buy the costumes rather than keep with our usual home-made style. I asked "do you want to be a sheep and wear the same as everyone else or a lion?". "A sheep – just for a change," she answered.

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