No lie-ins

Everyone is up early at half term. Typical.

First day of half term and everyone was up by 8am! Damn! I was looking forward to a bit of a lie-in or creeping down and getting some work done. Apparently, there was excitement because the new and long-anticipated, in our house at least, series of H20 – the improbable tale of three Australian teenagers who turn into mermaids 10 seconds after touching water – started yesterday at 9am. Big girl daughter had wet the bed so there was lots of washing to be done. Fortunately, I don’t turn into a mermaid when I touch water.

I also was on guinea pig duty, as per usual. Work was busy. The girls had some friends round to play and the girl nearby who endlessly knocks on the door until you open it came round. I am thinking that at least one of my so-called part-time jobs is effectively full time and I need to start drawing lines in the sand, although I know that now is a particularly busy part of the year.
In the late afternoon we headed into town to check the charity shops for Halloween-like material. However, no sooner had we set foot in Oxfam that big girl daughter had a toilet emergency so we headed for Tesco and I got forced to buy three luminous orange sweet buckets. They were only 50p, though, which is a bit of a bargain, considering the girls were eyeing up all the costumes. Big girl daughter was scratching her head suspiciously so we had to do a nit check, bath and early bed, which probably means they will be up early today.

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