‘Not going away this year’ – new poll

Many working mums won’t get the chance to relax on the beach or enjoy the sunshine abroad this year, reveals a new poll.

Many working mums won’t get the chance to relax on the beach or enjoy the sunshine abroad this year, reveals a new poll.
More than a quarter (28%) who responded to a survey by Workingmums said they had no plans to take a holiday at all this summer as the credit crunch continues to bite.
But the majority who did intend to pack their bags and have a break said they would be choosing to stay in Britain – more than a third (35%) said they’d be holidaying in the UK this year.
But Jacqueline Holland, senior lecturer in travel and tourism, at Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, warned holidaying in Britain won’t necessarily save families money. 
”It’s great for Britain that people will holiday here, but it doesn’t make it cheaper though,” she said. ”You can go to Spain and get a holiday cheaper than you could get in Edinburgh for a weekend.  It’s the type of holiday that makes the difference.”
Less than a quarter (23%) of those surveyed said they would be taking a holiday in Europe, while one in 10 said they would be going further afield than Britain and Europe.
”A decrease in European travel is to be expected,” said Holland.  ”The concerns over the volcano ash have made travellers think about the destinations as they do not want to worry about travel plans either in departure or return flights.  Also, BA strikes mean that passengers are less confident in the airline industry in general.
”The exchange rate for the pound against the euro has meant that we effectively get less for our money and this, for a family with children, means that packages are more expensive.  Concerns over Greece and its financial situation mean that package holidaymakers are worried about visiting Greece.
”Going further afield is good value as the accommodation and other expenses will provide better value for money – the cost of living will be cheaper.  But the weak pound means that this is still not as good as usual.”

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