Not informed of job opportunity on maternity leave: ask the expert

I am currently on maternity leave and before going off on maternity, I knew that there might be a chance of a progression vacancy becoming availabe while I was off. I made my line manager aware by email that if any opportunities arose I would be more than willing to come back to work early, and felt I was most suited for any position being the longest employed on the team and having the highest qualifications. She responded to the email and told me if anything was to come up she would keep me updated. A senior person has now resigned and I still haven’t heard from my manager, but have heard from my colleagues that the position that has become available will be shared between 3 of us on the team on top of our own work. I’m not sure if this type of job share is allowed and also I feel I’m being discriminated against because the other two employees haven’t been there half as long as myself and are not as qualified for the job.

Your employer was made aware explicitly that you wanted to be kept up-to-date with any vacancies that become available whilst you are off on maternity leave.

What appears to have happened is that the resignation of the individual has not created a vacancy per self-explanatory, but a reorganisation of your work which will undoubtedly affect you and the work that you currently undertake.

This should have been communicated to you and you should have been consulted prior to any decision being made. It may well be that no decision has been made and will be made until you return from maternity leave, and the information that you have received from your colleagues may not be correct.

My suggestion to you is that you contact your line manager and invite him/her to explain your understanding that the individual has resigned, query what is going to happen regarding her role, inform her that you are concerned that you have heard that you will be undertaking parts of this role in addition to your work, and ask for an explanation as to why this was not communicated to you.

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