Notice period on maternity leave: ask the expert

I am about to commence additional maternity leave and I have  also just been offered voluntary redundancy. I would like to accept  the voluntary redundancy, but I am unsure as to what happens with my  notice period. Does it start from the end of my maternity leave or from now?

If a redundancy situation becomes effective during maternity leave, then the notice period commences immediately (unless agreed otherwise ie after a consultation period for example). Many companies pay notice in lieu of it being worked in redundancy situations, in which case the termination date would be on the agreed date (imminently) and a payment in lieu of notice along with the relevant statutory redundancy pay amount (subject to eligibility / service) would be paid to the employee.
If any statutory maternity pay is still being paid/owed, this would normally still be paid by the employer (often in a lump sum at the time of the redundancy payment).
I hope this helps to clarify the situation.

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