Offered new role which someone else is doing

I have recently been informed my job is at risk. I have had two consultations and several alternative roles have been discussed. One was Head of Care, but I was told the job was too senior for me. However, I was asked to think about it and I did so and said I would like to be trained up to do it. I asked some further questions from HR and this week I was given the job offer last week which comes with a small increase in salary, but I have been told I will have to work weekends and bank holidays. My hours would go up and this has reduced my hourly rate. To top it off the job role has recently been filled by another member of staff who is being trained to do it. I don’t want to take a job from a work colleague and to be honest it’s not the job or the hours I want to work …What are my options?

If your job is being made redundant and the redundancy process has been carried out fairly, your employer must consider offering you any suitable alternatives that exist. If a suitable job is available and you do not take it, you will forfeit redundancy so it will boil down to whether the job they have offered you is considered a suitable alternative.

The company need to carry out a proper procedure and it seems that at the minute everything is all over the place with a number of alternative positions being offered.  If the job of Head of Care is not suitable, based on the reasons given ie increase in hours, weekend work then you simply need to tell them that, setting out your reasons.

In relation to you ‘bumping’ someone out of their role, that is for the company to deal with in the best possible way.  You should not worry about displacing someone.  It would be through no fault of your own as you were asked to consider the role as an alternative to being made redundant.

I would advise that you ask for a meeting to be held where they clearly set out to you:

1. What is happening to your current role, which means you can no longer perform the same;

2. Any other alternative jobs which are available within the company;

3. The process the company intend to follow and timeframe for the same.

This should give you more certainty and clarity regarding the situation.


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